What year did Keith Sweat Make It Last Forever?

What year did Keith Sweat Make It Last Forever?

1987Make It Last Forever / Released

Who wrote Make It Last Forever by Keith Sweat?

Keith Sweat
Teddy Riley
Make It Last Forever/Composers

What was Keith Sweat’s first album?

Make It Last ForeverKeith Sweat / First album

What songs did Teddy Riley produced for Keith Sweat?

“Make It Last Forever” is a 1988 single by Keith Sweat and Jacci McGhee. The song was written and produced by Keith Sweat and Teddy Riley….Make It Last Forever (song)

“Make It Last Forever”
Length 4:56
Label Vintertainment/Elektra
Songwriter(s) Keith Sweat Teddy Riley
Producer(s) Keith Sweat Teddy Riley

Who wrote Keith Sweat songs?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Freak Me Keith Sweat, Roy Murray, Anthony Johnson [US2] Silk
Make It Last Forever Teddy Riley [US1], Keith Sweat Keith Sweat with Jacci McGhee

What is Keith Sweat’s real name?

Keith Douglas SweatKeith Sweat / Full name

Keith Douglas Sweat is an American Rhythm and Blues singer and songwriter who is known for hit songs that include “Nobody,” “I Want Her,” and “Make it Last Forever.” Sweat is also credited as being one of the first performers in the musical genre called New Jack Swing which was popular in the late 1980’s.

Who produced Keith Sweat songs?

Teddy Riley
Make It Last Forever was one of the earliest R&B albums to showcase the up-and-coming new jack swing sound, as it was mostly produced by Sweat himself and music producer Teddy Riley. The album’s biggest hit was “I Want Her”, a #5 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and the first #1 R&B hit for Sweat.

Who Has Keith Sweat written songs for?