When did penhorn mall close?

When did penhorn mall close?

Text: The Sears at Penhorn Mall has announced it will be shutting its doors in September 2017. Last month, Sears Canada reported a $91.6 million loss in its latest quarter, which resulted in a warning from the chain and department store that cuts could be on the way.

How many stores are in the Micmac Mall?

Mic Mac Mall located in Dartmouth (Nova Scotia – B3A 4N3, Canada)

Number of stores: Mic Mac Mall contains 108 stores, restaurants, services
Phone: (902)-463-5891
Phone 2: (902)-466-2056
WWW: https://www.micmacmall.com
Contact email: [email protected]

Who bought Micmac?

Joe Ramia
In June 2018, Ivanhoé Cambridge announced that they planned to spend over $55 million renovating the property. The common areas were extensively refurbished and the food court was renovated. The company sold the property to Halifax developer Joe Ramia and an unnamed group of investors in 2021.

What year did Penhorn mall open?

Penhorn Mall opened in 1974 and is the largest single level mall in Nova Scotia. It is located in Dartmouth at the junction of an expressway (Route 111) and a major arterial (Portland St.)

When was Mic Mac Mall built?

Mic Mac Mall opened in 1973 at 21 Mic Mac Blvd. in the Halifax suburb of Dartmouth. It was part of Cambridge Shopping Centres Limited before that company merged with Ivanhoé to become Ivanhoé Cambridge.

Is the Bay closing in Dartmouth?

The Hudson Bay Company is closing its West End Mall location at the end of April. The company would not say how many people will lose their jobs. The Dartmouth branch will remain open. “We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal Halifax-area customers from the nearby Mic Mac Mall location in Dartmouth.”

Where is the Christmas tree with a face?

Mic Mac mall
The 56-foot tree with a face resides at the Mic Mac mall in Nova Scotia, Canada. His very own Twitter account describes him as a “chatty coniferous with a penchant for small talk in malls.”