Where are Alawites from?

Where are Alawites from?

Alawites form the dominant religious group on the Syrian coast and towns near the coast, which are also inhabited by Sunnis, Christians, and Ismailis. They are often confused with the Alevis, a distinct religious sect in Turkey. Alawites identify as a separate ethnoreligious group.

Is Alevism Islam?

Alevism is a branch of Shi’a Islam that is practiced in Turkey and the Balkans among ethnic Turks and Kurds, and is related to—though distinct from—Alawism in Syria. Alevis make up 20% of Turkish Muslims and comprise Turkey’s largest religious minority community.

Who is Alevi Turkey?

Alevi is the term used for a large number of heterodox Muslim Shi’a communities with different characteristics. Thus, Alevis constitute the largest religious minority in Turkey. They also differ considerably from the Sunni Muslim majority in their practice and interpretation of Islam.

Do Alawites believe Allah?

Named after Ali, Alawites believe he was divine, one of many manifestations of God in a line with Adam, Jesus, Mohammad, Socrates, Plato and some pre-Islamic sages from ancient Persia.

What do Alevi people believe in?

Alevi is a mystical belief that is rooted in Islam and Sufism with some traditions of Christianity and Shamanism. It is a religion that is based on humanistic ideals of love and tolerance expressed in mystical poems instead of strict rules, passed on through oral tradition.

Who are the Alawites?

The Alawis, Alawites ( Arabic: علوية Alawīyah ), or Nusayris ( Arabic: نصيرية Nuṣayrīyah) are a Ethnoreligious group and nation which originated from Shia Islam. The Alawites revere Ali (Ali ibn Abi Talib), considered the first Imam of the Twelver school. The group is believed to have been founded by Ibn Nusayr during the 9th century.

What is the meaning of Alawite State?

The Alawite State (Arabic: دولة جبل العلويين‎, Dawlat Jabal al-‘Alawiyyīn; French: État des Alaouites), officially named the Territory of the Alawites (French: territoire des Alaouites)—after the locally-dominant Alawites—from its inception until its integration to the Syrian Federation in 1922, was a French mandate territory on the coast of

Who are the Alawis in Syria?

The Alawis, also rendered as Alawites (Arabic: علوية‎ Alawiyyah/Alawīyah), are a sect of Ghulat branch of Shia Islam. primarily centred in Syria. The eponymously-named Alawites revere Ali (Ali ibn Abi Talib), considered the first Imam of the Twelver school.

What is the history of the Alawites in Syria?

Nevertheless, on 3 December 1936 the Alawite State was re-incorporated into Syria as a concession by the French to the National Bloc (the party in power in the semi-autonomous Syrian government). The law went into effect in 1937. In 1939, the Sanjak of Alexandretta (now Hatay) contained a large number of Alawites.