Where do I put specular map in 3Ds Max VRAY?

Where do I put specular map in 3Ds Max VRAY?

you need to have a reflection layer in your material – use the vray material editor to add it. Then you can add that map as a bitmap in the “Filter” slot. If you want to specify the amount of highlight reflection – you can add that texture in the “Hlight” category separately.

What is specular map in 3Ds Max?

The Specular Render Element is an image that stores specular reflection (basically put, highlight) information calculated from the material’s reflection value in the scene. Specular highlights are colored if the Reflection Color parameter of a material is colored.

What is specular map texture?

Typically a specular map is a black and white image that maps out the shininess value on an object. Therefore, textures that arent shiny and that are more matt like stone or fabrics would have a very dark specular map. While other more shiny materials like chrome or plastic would have very bright specular maps.

How do I enable VRAY in render elements?

There’s an option to enable or disable the new behavior in the Global Switches rollout under the V-Ray tab in the Render Setup window. The consistent elements are automatically enabled when the scene contains an adaptive dome light so they don’t have artifacts. They are also enabled by default for new scenes.

Where is ambient occlusion map in 3ds Max VRAY?

So go up to Rendering>Material Editor>Compact Material Editor. This ambient occlusion is going to be applied as a map to a new material. So select one of the default materials and scroll down to the Basic Parameters. For this you can plug it in to the Self-Illumination color.

How do you make specular?

Simple specular map made in Photoshop To do this simply select Hue/Saturation(Ctrl+U)and set the value of Saturation to -100 or slightly less. Unfortunately now all of the reflections would be in the hollows but we want to achieve just the opposite of that. That’s way you need to do inversion.

How do I turn a normal map into a texture?

Create the Normal Map

  1. Open texture in Photoshop as you would normally any image. Make sure the image mode is set to RGB.
  2. Choose Filter → 3D → Generate Normal Map…
  3. Adjust your map as necessary (I left my to default). Click OK.
  4. Save your file as PNG (not sure if it really matters). You’re done!

What is V-Ray for 3ds Max?

V-Ray® for 3ds Max is a production-proven rendering software. Known for its versatility and ability to handle any type of project — from massive, dynamic scenes having thousands of lights to a sublime still life – it is the go-to solution for artists and designers across 3D industries.