Where is dcomcnfg?

Where is dcomcnfg?

EXE for configuring DCOM applications. DCOMCNFG. EXE is usually located in your operating system’s \system32 folder. When OPC Servers register, they set up initial custom DCOM security settings to enable users on the network to access and launch the Server.

How do I set dcomcnfg exe to be allowed to run by everyone?

To manually enable (or disable) DCOM for a computer

  1. Run Dcomcnfg.exe.
  2. Choose the Default Properties tab.
  3. Select (or clear) the Enable Distributed COMÂ on this Computer check box.
  4. If you will be setting more properties for the computer, click the Apply button to enable (or disable) DCOM.

How do I open dcomcnfg?

Click on the Windows Start button, and select Run and then type “dcomcnfg” to open the DCOM configuration dialog box.

How do I open a 32 bit component?

Add Component Services option in Management Console application….To open Microsoft Management Console application for 32-bit applications:

  1. Go to Start | Run.
  2. Type MMC -32 and click Ok.
  3. User Account Control alert will open then Click YES to open the console.

Where are DCOM settings stored?

These Default Security settings are stored in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\OLE .

What is DCOM Config?

DCOMCNFG is a utility you can use to configure various COM-specific settings in the registry. This configuration utility, dcomcnfg.exe, is included in the Microsoft Windows NT® operating system and is used to configure applications to use COM.

How do I edit component services?


  1. Open the Component Services console (by hitting the Windows buttons and typing “Component Services”)
  2. Expand Component Services.
  3. Expand Computers.
  4. Expand My Computer.
  5. expand DCOM Config.
  6. Right-click the DCOM service you need to change, choose {AppName} with {AppID}, and then click Properties.
  7. Click the Security tab.

Does Windows 10 support DCOM?

You can access the DCOM Config utility by choosing the run option under the windows start menu. (In Windows 7 the “search programs and files” bar under the start menu will work.) (For Windows 10, just begin typing on the main start screen) Type/Browse for DCOMCNFG. EXE and click ok to run the utility.

What is dcomcnfg?

DCOMCNFG is a Windows NT 4.0 utility that allows you to configure various DCOM-specific settings in the registry. The DCOMCNFG window has three pages: Default Security, Default Properties, and Applications. Under Windows 2000 a fourth page, Default Protocols, is present.

What is dcomcnfg exe?

Dcomcnfg.exe provides a user interface for modifying certain settings in the registry. You can enable security for a particular computer so that when a process does not provide its own security settings, either programmatically or through registry values, the values set by Dcomcnfg.exe will be used.

What is OPCEnum?

OPCEnum is a program that scans your registry for a list of OPC Servers on your computer OPCEnum needs to be able to run on the computer where it resides. Therefore, ensure to check Run application on this computer. Security Tab.

Do I need DCOM?

Microsoft does not recommend that you disable DCOM in your environment until you have tested to discover what applications are affected. Disabling DCOM may not be workable in all environments. Support for DCOM on all Windows NT-based operating systems can be disabled.