Where is Lake Jordan in NC?

Where is Lake Jordan in NC?

Chatham County
B. Everett Jordan Lake is a reservoir in New Hope Valley, west of Cary and south of Durham in Chatham County, North Carolina, in the United States; the northernmost end of the lake extends into southwestern Durham County.

What is the deepest part of Jordan Lake?

38′Jordan Lake / Max depth

How long did it take to fill Jordan Lake?

The project, then known as New Hope Lake, was authorized in 1963 and construction began in 1967. With intervening legal and construction issues, it would take 14 years until the lake was first filled in 1981.

What fish are in Jordan Lake NC?


  • Walleye: Most lakes there is no size limit and the Creel limit is 8 except for a select few areas.
  • Sauger: There is a 15 inch minimum and a Creel limit of 8 statewide.
  • Sunfish: 30 Creel limit but you can have no more than 12 redbreast sunfish. Non-Gamefish: Certain restrictions apply.
  • How deep is Jordan Lake in North Carolina?

    Whipple checks the line used to lower the current profiler into the water. Whipple and Glenn Safrit, the dive safety officer at IMS, suit up. The pair will dive down to the bottom of the lake (approximately 35 feet) to ensure all the equipment is properly in place. The team prepares the equipment before lowering it into the water.

    Where is Jordan Lake in NC?

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    Where is Jordan Lake State Park located?

    Jordan Lake State Recreation Area is located in Chatham County, 21 miles southwest of Raleigh off US 64, and can be reached via NC 751 or US 15-501 from Durham and Chapel Hill. To park office : Traveling west or east on I-40 from Raleigh, exit onto US 1/US 64 west (exit 293A, Sanford/Asheboro).