Where is Purina Mills located?

Where is Purina Mills located?

Purina Mills

Trade name Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC
Headquarters 100 Danforth Drive, Gray Summit, Missouri , USA
Area served United States
Key people William H. Danforth, Founder
Products Livestock food Animal health products

Is Purina and Purina Mills the same company?

Years ago, Purina was one company, owned by Ralston. The company split many years ago and Land O’Lakes is the parent company to Purina Mills (now Purina Animal Nutrition) and Nestle ended up with the Purina pet side.

Is Triple Crown made by Purina?

Did Purina buy Triple Crown? No. Triple Crown continues to be a privately owned company; as it has been since 1989.

Are Nutrena and Purina the same?

Who is who in the feed game can sound like the old Abbott and Costello routine of “who’s on first, what’s on second.” Cargill owns Southern States and Purina, but Land O’Lakes owns Purina, and Cargill owns Nutrena. Southern States doesn’t own Southern States but it sells Southern States.

Did Cargill buy Purina?

In 1998, Ralston-Purina, spun off its international livestock feed business as an independent company called Agribrands, which was then acquired by Cargill in 2001.

How much corn should a horse eat daily?

In regard to how much cracked corn to feed, the general guideline would dictate no more than 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) for an average horse at each feeding, given the conventional safe level of starch recommended by nutritionists is 0.45-0.90 g of starch per lb (1-2 g of starch per kg) of body weight per meal on an as-fed basis.

Why choose Purina feed for horses?

With every Purina product you’re getting the best thinking of the most accomplished group of Ph.D. equine nutritionists and equine experts in the industry. Our feeds are precisely formulated for your horse’s age and lifestyle. You’ll see the proof in strong hooves, shiny coats, and healthy horses.

Do all retailers carry Purina® strategy® GX?

Not all retailers carry a full line of products. Please call ahead to check availability. Enter a city and state or zip code to find a Purina Retailer near you. “I am super ecstatic over my horse’s change in body condition, attitude and health since switching to Purina® Strategy® GX.”

How do I contact Purina customer service?

Please contact Purina Customer Service by calling (800) 227-8941. Sign up for exclusive tips from our experts. Get the best thinking of the most accomplished group of Ph.D. nutritionists and experts in the industry. First Name This field is required. Last Name This field is required. Email This field is required.