Where is the unique code on the Nutella?

Where is the unique code on the Nutella?

Specially-marked promotional Nutella jars will feature one unique code (scratch panel printed on a sticker on the lid). You must retain a copy of your purchase receipt as proof of purchase.

How do you make a Personalised Nutella jar?

Customization Details

  1. Size of Nutella * Select Size of Nutella. 180g. 350g + ₹250. 750g + ₹750.
  2. Select Add On * Select Add On. Without Personalized Spoon. With Personalized Spoon + ₹300.
  3. Name/Text on Nutella * Max: 12 characters.
  4. Text on Spoon * Max: 25 characters.

How big are mini Nutella jars?

Specifications for Mini Nutella Jars 25g – Nuttelino

Size 25g Jar or Bulk Box 64 Jars
Colour Brown
Event / Occasion Wedding
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Italy

Does Nutella come in glass jar?

Nutella – the original hazelnut spread in a glass jar. Gluten free. Contains no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives.

Why is the Nutella jar shaped the way it is?

While the manufacturer could have just used a standard round jar, having a distinctively shaped jar, along with distinctive labeling, allows the product to stand out on the shelf for easy recognition. The distinctive shape also makes it more difficult and expensive for counterfeiters to peddle imitations.

What shape is a Nutella jar?

TIL: The shape of the jar for Nutella is called a Pelikan because it’s shaped like a Pelikan ink bottle in order to stand out from competing products in mostly-round, straight-sided jars.

How much is a jar of Nutella at Target?

That’s nearly 14 jars worth of a regular 7.7-ounce jar of Nutella, which costs $2.60 at stores like Target. If someone were to stock up on only the small jars, they’d have to pay $36.40 to reach their nearly 7-pound goal.

How big is Costco’s giant tub of Nutella?

Costco’s giant tub of Nutella is 14 times the size of a regular jar. This is almost as exciting as sitting inside a cafe completely devoted to Nutella. Many people are, understandably, pretty excited about the new offering:

Is there an official international website of Nutella?

Welcome to the official international website of Nutella®, the most famous hazelnut spread in the world! Welcome to the official international website of Nutella®, the most famous hazelnut spread in the world! Homepage | Nutella® Australia | Official Website

Where to share your Nutella®B-ready products?

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