Where to find a work as a freelance writer

Where and how to earn money to the writer on a freelance

Do you want to make money working as a writer? If you like to write, I am sure that you will answer “Yes!” – because if we can earn bread by doing what we love, that’s great. But how to do that?

I am sure that every person, especially in his youth, wakes up something inside and pulls to write. Yes, you can write something romantic and become famous, and fame is money. The Internet gives you the opportunity to earn unknown writers — experienced and inexperienced.

The writer on the Internet is called a copywriter. The earnings of a copywriter can be much more than the earnings of today’s writers.


In the work of a freelancer is a variety of different activities. You can write for magazines or for print, for business or for the Internet. As Carol Tees wrote in her post “How to start making money from your blog right now,” a blog is a great platform to start your career as a freelancer. Blogging teaches you to write well for magazines. Because the optimal structure of blog posts, as well as the development of headlines, is what is needed for a copywriter.

If you can clearly or beautifully express your thoughts on paper or in a text editor, then why don’t you try to offer your services to employers. In this article, I will show services that pay you for writing various types of articles.


Have you ever met annoying ads about how people earn $100,000 a day on the Internet? Although this is an obvious deception, some ads can still lead to freelancing orders. Such work, as a rule, does not require professional skills and usually comes down to writing short comments or reviews on pages marked by the employer. Nevertheless, such orders will still bring you a small income for a short period of time.

Writing and selling eBooks

The influence of traditional print media is waning over time. And it’s a great coincidence for a resourceful Internet writer. A good option of earning on the Internet is to write, publish their books and self-reports. Or create products such as, for example, podcasts, videos, webinars or courses.

To publish your book, it is enough to print it in Microsoft Word, export to PDF format and take it to the nearest publisher, or confirm with online publishing and selling e-books.

Premium content

There are many discussions in the blogosphere about how bloggers can offer premium content for a limited subscription. For example, a professional blogger from America, David Risley, in one of his recent posts asked whether paid access is the future of blogging. All this is very new, but, I think that it is necessary to get acquainted with it in more detail.

In this connection, it would be time to create an attractive blog with a huge reader’s audience that the most part of this new direction could make chances of success.


Article writing jobs from home is happiness. That’s why the writer MUST have a blog, on it he will be able to feed himself and his audience. The possibilities of making money on a blog in today’s Internet are endless.

Without hesitation, create your website as soon as you get used to your position and build a high-quality portfolio. Regularly publish articles related to your field of activity, or make posts about recent orders. Also, provide contact information and a brief summary. If you do not already have this experience, use the guide to create an effective website for a freelancer and take several courses on Coursera or Lynda.

Direct approach

The direct approach is another option to find a job for a freelancer. A large number of companies, whether known blogs or international corporations, regularly hire freelancers. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with sending resumes directly to organizations that may be interested in your services.

Friends and connections

Despite the fact that most freelancers rarely leave home, people from your environment can be a great help in finding new customers. If you are a student, talk to your classmates and find out if someone needs help with written work. If any of your relatives work in a field that interests you, ask them to recommend you to your colleagues who need freelance services. Orders are not long in coming.