Which is better AutoZone or O Reilly?

Which is better AutoZone or O Reilly?

Customer Service & Reviews Taking the averages as a whole, AutoZone comes out on top with the highest percentage of four- and five-star reviews while O’Reilly had the lowest percentage of above-average reviews.

Is AutoZone and O Reilly’s the same?

No real difference there. Autozone seems to have more stick on bling and aftermarket performance type of stuff. Oreillys carries Sierra marine, and quite a bit of agriculture/heavy duty stuff. They also have machine shop and hydraulic hose services.

Who pays more AutoZone vs Oreillys?

Salaries. AutoZone has 224 more total submitted salaries than O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Which auto parts store pays the most?


How much do you get paid at O Reilly?

The average O’Reilly Auto Parts salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Cashier/Sales to $50,793 per year for Assistant Store Manager. Average O’Reilly Auto Parts hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.62 per hour for Cashier/Sales to $23.92 per hour for Replenishment Associate.

How much does a Napa counter person make?

Napa Auto Parts Company pays its employees an average of $13.12 an hour. Hourly pay at Napa Auto Parts Company ranges from an average of $9.92 to $18.14 an hour.

Why is NAPA Auto Parts so expensive?

Also asked, why are NAPA parts so expensive? Napa may purchase the part at a higher cost because they purchase less or couldn’t get the same deal as other companies for whatever reason. Also Napa has to base charges off what they expect to make.

Did Walmart buy Advance Auto Parts?

Walmart announced a 2019 partnership with Advance Auto Parts to create a specialty auto parts store on Walmart.com. The venture will sell common auto parts and accessories, including tires, lube and battery services, online and in its 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers nationwide.

What is starting pay at AutoZone?

$12.26 an hour

How much does AutoZone pay a hour?

Average AutoZone hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.57 per hour for Parts Clerk to $17.00 per hour for Facilities Technician. The average AutoZone salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Specialist to $120,000 per year for Stocker.

Is AutoZone a good job?

Great benefits, most people who work for AutoZone are good people and good employees, and selling parts is quite a lax job if you have a knack for the automotive field. Most management is hired upon merit, retention, and work ethic.

How much does O’Reilly pay per hour?

O’Reilly Auto Parts, Inc. pays its employees an average of $10.97 an hour. Hourly pay at O’Reilly Auto Parts, Inc. ranges from an average of $8.70 to $15.19 an hour.

Is O’Reilly a good company to work for?

O’Reilly is a great place to work. You run into a lot of different people daily that need help with there vehicle, so the positive part of working at O’Reilly is making the customer happy by helping them diagnosed there problem. The management is very nice and will help you anyway possible.

How much do they pay at Target in Texas?

Target set its 2020 goal of a $15 starting wage in September 2017, and over the last three years has increased wages from a starting wage of $11. The last starting-wage increase was in June 2019 to $13.

What age can you work at Oreillys?

18 years old

How much do O’Reilly managers make?

The typical O’Reilly Auto Parts Store Manager salary is $42,908. Store Manager salaries at O’Reilly Auto Parts can range from $16,482 – $94,810. This estimate is based upon 181 O’Reilly Auto Parts Store Manager salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Does O’Reilly Auto Parts hire felons?

They hire felons to.

Does the Home Depot hire felons?

Officially, Home Depot hire felons. They have signed up to Ban the Box so they won’t ask if you have a criminal record on the application form. They will do a background check before they offer you the job but at least you get a chance to interview.

Does the Dollar Tree hire felons?

No Dollar Tree does not hire felons.

Do AutoZone hire felons?

We are sorry but AutoZone most likely does NOT hire felons as far as we know. They do an extensive background check via a third party and will not hire you if any felony convictions on your record. We have heard from some of our readers that are on state probation without a felony conviction and were hired.