Which is the best Makita string trimmer?

Which is the best Makita string trimmer?

Oodles of Power The Makita XRU18 string trimmer has 3 speeds, and we did the majority of our testing at the highest setting. At full throttle, we measured the brushless motor generating a respectable 5805 RPM. Considering that’s at the end of a 17-inch cutting swath, that’s one of the best tip speeds we’ve seen.

Who makes Makita string trimmers?

Maintaining the Same Dolmar Quality You Trust Makita gas-powered equipment is exactly the same in design and quality as the Dolmar power equipment. The two companies joined forces, so many Dolmar string trimmers made over the years have had an equivalent Makita model as well.

What size line does a Makita trimmer use?

Makita String Trimmer Line is universal spiral line for use with string trimmers. The . 065” diameter line is ideal for use with battery powered equipment, including Makita 18V and 18V X2 LXT string trimmers.

What is Makita LXT?

The LXT® System is the world’s largest compatible cordless tool system powered by 18V slide-style batteries. Makita’s purpose-built motors, battery technology, and enhanced communications work together to deliver unmatched power, speed, and run time.

Where are Makita line trimmers made?

It’s Japanese technology, however Makita products are made in China now.

How do you put trimmer line on a Makita?

Insert two ends of one piece of nylon trimmer line into holes on top of spool. Or insert one end of trimmer line into eyelet on the side of housing, feed through hole on top of spool and then re-insert into second hole on top of spool. Push line into holes until line feeds through eyelets on side of housing.

Is Makita a good cordless string trimmer?

Makita Cordless String Trimmer Review – Final Thoughts Overall this is a great string trimmer and one of my favorite trimmers. I love the two speed along with the reverse feature. The trimmer is well balanced with the two battery system.

How heavy is the Makita xru18 string trimmer?

With two batteries and the motor strapped all on the back, the Makita XRU18 string trimmer feels a bit heavy towards the rear… for a battery-powered tool, that is. Without batteries, this string trimmer weighs 10.8 pounds—the heaviest string trimmer we brought in for our recent cordless weedeater roundup.

What is the best cordless string trimmer for landscaping?

A cordless alternative to gas-powered power equipment, the Makita XRU15Z Brushless Cordless Blower is a string trimmer that features low noise output and zero emissions. Requiring less maintenance, this cordless blower is a great option for landscapers offering maximum run time and power.

Is Makita xru12sm1 a good brand?

Featuring low noise and zero emissions, the Makita XRU12SM1 Brushless Cordless Blower is a great tool when you need to tackle an overgrown yard. Efficient and offering a long run time, this string trimmer is perfect for edging and trimming. It also uses an efficient charger with a battery that charges quickly in just 40 minutes.