Which longboard is good for dancing?

Which longboard is good for dancing?

What are the 7 best dancing longboards?

Top dancing longboards Size Price
1. Loaded Bhangra 48.5″ x 9.5″ (WB 32.75″) $398
1B. Loaded Mata Hari (new) 44.5″ x 9.25″ (WB 29.25″) $339
2. Loaded Tarab 47″ x 9.5″ (WB 32.25″) $426
3. Landyachtz Stratus 45.5″ x 9.25″ (WB 29.5″) $230

Are dancing longboards good for beginners?

As you’re considering which longboard to get as a beginner, you may want to start by learning freestyle tricks right from the get-go. Dancing longboards are also usually topmounts, but they have much larger decks than regular freestylers, with no concave to facilitate walking, jumping, twisting and dancing.

What is a dance board longboard?

A dancer longboard is a longboard with features that complements the dancing riding style. To accommodate the steps and movements along the board, dancer longboards are usually very long compared to a standard longboard giving the rider plenty of room to dance while cruising around.

Is longboard dancing hard?

Dancing on a longboard takes a lot of time to learn and in all honesty may have stemmed from the days of Rodney Mullen on a standard short board. When he was a kid he would literally set a timer and make sure he practiced several hours every day.

Can you freestyle on a dancing longboard?

Longboard dancing Dancing is often considered a subset of freestyle longboarding because it sometimes involves kickflips and jumps. Also, while dancing longboards have freestyle deck features, they are specific enough to have their own category.

What size longboard should I get for dancing?


BOARD LENGTH Children / Smaller Teenagers Large Adults / Heavier Adults
Technical Dancing / Longboard Freestyle 40-46″ 40-46″
Boardwalking / Footwork Dancing Tricks 45-60″ 45-60″
Freeride/Downhill 33-36″ 35-40″
Transition / Bowl Skating 30-32″ 31-33″

How long should my longboard be to dance?


BOARD LENGTH Children / Smaller Teenagers Women / Smaller Adults / Lighter Adults
Longboard Cruiser 33-36″ 36-44″
Technical Dancing / Longboard Freestyle 40-46″ 40-46″
Boardwalking / Footwork Dancing Tricks 45-60″ 45-60″
Freeride/Downhill 33-36″ 33-36″

Do dancing longboards have grip tape?

Do longboards need grip tape? – Quora. Not always, depending upon it’s purpose in life. If it’s for DH, Sliding, Park, or Bank Slalom, then, yes, Griptape, even Coarse griptape, might be the best underfoot.

Are dancer longboards good for cruising?

Also, longboard dancing is an accessible discipline for many new riders. It’s a natural evolution from cruising, not as extreme as freeriding or downhill. It’s actually a good and mellow way to build your balance and carving skills before moving on to more radical styles.

How long does it take to get good at longboard dancing?

But if you want to become an expert at something it’s been said that you need to put in 10,000 hours. Rodney definitely did, and his flat land abilities still put almost anyone in the sport to shame.

What is longboard dancing?

Longboard dancing is a visual, flowy and skillful discipline that involves fluid cross-stepping and balancing tricks while carving on the board. These stepping tricks are often called “flatland” tricks, different from more “jumpy” freestyle tricks such as ollies, kickflips, shuvits,…

What is the best longboard deck for You?

The boards with the most flex are typically bamboo decks, while full maple decks are stiffer (how stiff depends on the number of plies). A heavier rider may feel that a maple deck provides just enough flex for them. 3. Dancing board trucks Trucks may not be as important for dancing as for other longboard riding styles.

What are the features of a good dancing board?

Features of a good dancing longboard. 1 1. Dancing board deck shape and size. Dancer boards are typically very long (43″+) and wide (9″+) giving you ample walking space with little risk of 2 2. Dancing board concave and flex. 3 3. Dancing board trucks. 4 4. Dancing board wheels.

What is the best Freestyle longboard for You?

A dancing or the best freestyle longboard usually comes with a highly technical skating style. This kind of board provides an acrobatic riding style, including flipping tricks and constant spinning. It is more stylish than other kinds of traditional street skateboards.