Who are the characters in Crossing the Wire?

Who are the characters in Crossing the Wire?

Crossing the Wire

  • Victor Flores- Narrator/main character.
  • Rico Rivera- Victor’s best friend.
  • Julio- Becomes a friend of Victor.
  • Miguel Escobar- Met Victor on a bus then later Victor finds him again.
  • Jarra – Drug trafficker who tries to use Victor and Rico as “drug mules”

What are cholos in Crossing the Wire?

The cholos, or gangs, live in and control the tunnels.

Where is Victor from in Crossing the Wire?

Here fifteen-year-old Victor Flores is compelled to leave his family and the village where he has lived all his life, to “cross the wire” from Mexico into the United States. Since the death of his father, Victor has been the sole support of his mother and young siblings, and he now faces fearful challenges.

What is the conflict of Crossing the Wire?

The main conflict in Crossing the Wire would be man vs society, because many immigrants are trying to cross the border and there’s the border patrol there to stop them.

What is the summary of crossing the wire?

Synopsis: In this riveting, action-packed novel from award-winning author Will Hobbs, a teenage boy hoping to help his loved ones must fight for his life as he makes the dangerous journey across the Mexican border into the United States.

What happens in the end of crossing the wire?

He also endures the freezing cold in the mountains, the scorching heat of the desert, and severe hunger. In the end, his determination and perseverance finally pay off, when Victor finds a job cutting asparagus for $60.00 a day enabling him to send money home to his family.

How does crossing the wire end?

What happened to Victor’s father crossing the wire?

Veteran outdoor-adventure writer Hobbs gets in on the heated illegal-immigration debate with this account of a boy’s struggle to cross the Mexican border into the [End Page 500] U.S. Victor Flores’ father died while working as an illegal immigrant in el Norte, so Victor is scared and upset when his best friend, Rico.

What is the summary of Crossing the Wire?

What happens in the end of Crossing the Wire?

Is crossing the wire based on a true story?

Los Arboles is fictional, as are Victor and all the other characters. But yes, Victor’s village is based on the real-life one. I had resolved to begin in Victor’s home village so that the reader (and I) could come to know his family and the life he was leaving behind, as well as his reasons for leaving.

Where does crossing the wire take place?

“Crossing the wire”—what does that expression mean? It’s an expression for illegal entry into the United States from Mexico across the barbed-wire cattle fence that separates the two countries along remote swaths of the border. Legal crossings take place at Ports of Entry in the border towns and cities.

What is the plot of crossing the wire?

Crossing the Wire tells the story of Victor Flores, a Mexican teenager who leaves his village of Los Árboles to illegally cross the border into the United States. Victor’s father died while working in the U.S. four years earlier, leaving Victor “the man of the family” (14).

Why did Ponyboy decide to write the Outsiders?

He has a strong desire for peace, and his vulnerable yet heroic demeanor makes the greasers eager to protect him.The tragic nature of the character, both in his family life and in his heroic death, make him a martyr-like figure. Ponyboy decides to write the story that would become The Outsiders so that Johnny’s deeds won’t be forgotten.

How are the characters in the outsiders similar to each other?

Most of the characters in The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton, belong to two rival factions, the Greasers and the Socs. Though the youngsters mostly adhere to their social groups and status, casual encounters lead them to realize they are very similar in many ways.

Why does Victor cross the wire to support his family?

His family has been living off of the money Victor makes farming corn, but free trade agreements with the U.S. have made Mexican corn worthless. The only option Victor sees to support his family is to “cross the wire” into the United States.