Who are the ministers of Cabinet in Belize?

Who are the ministers of Cabinet in Belize?


Ministry or Department Minister
Ministry of Public Utilities & Logistics The Hon. Rodwell Ferguson
Ministry of Infrastructure Development & Housing The Hon. Julius Espat
Ministry of Education, Culture, Science & Technology The Hon. Francis Fonseca
Ministry of National Defence & Border Security The Hon. Florencio Marin Jr

What are the ministries of Belize?


  • Attorney General’s Ministry.
  • Ministry of Finance.
  • Ministry of Health.
  • Ministry of Housing & Urban Development.
  • Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation.
  • Ministry of Police and National Security.
  • Ministry of Immigration, Labour, Local Government and Rural Development.

Who is Belize Minister of Finance?

John Briceño
The Ministry of Finance is a government ministry of Belize responsible for public finances….Ministry of Finance (Belize)

Agency overview
Jurisdiction Belize Government of Belize
Headquarters 3rd Floor, Right Wing, Sir Edney Cain Building, Belmopan
Minister responsible John Briceño

How many ministers are in the House of Representatives?

The Prime Minister chooses experienced and knowledgeable government members to be ministers, and expects them to work together on behalf of the government. There are usually about 20 ministers in the House of Representatives and about 10 in the Senate.

Who is the first prime minister of Belize?

George Cadle Price

The Right Honourable George Cadle Price
Price in 1965
1st Prime Minister of Belize
In office 7 September 1989 – 13 July 1993
Monarch Elizabeth II

Who is the new deputy prime minister?

Dominic Raab was appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor, and Secretary of State for Justice on 15 September 2021. He was first elected Conservative MP for Esher and Walton in May 2010.

Who is the prime minister of Belize now?

Johnny BriceñoBelize / Prime minister

Who is the current Minister of Tourism in Belize?

Hon. Anthony Mahler
Meet our Minister The Hon. Anthony Mahler has served in a management capacity in the public and private sectors and has led teams which have spearheaded campaigns and policies.

How are ministers elected?

Council of Ministers The Prime Minister is appointed by the President, who also appoints other ministers on the advice of Prime Minister. The Council of Ministers comprises Ministers who are members of Cabinet, Ministers of State (independent charge), Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers.

Who was Hon George Cadle Price?

He served as First Minister and Premier under British rule until independence in 1981 and was the nation’s first prime minister after independence that year. He is considered to have been one of the principal architects of Belizean independence. Today he is referred to by many as the “Father of the Nation”.

Who is the Minister of State in Belize?

Belize Government Directory Minister & Portfolio Minister of State 1 John Briceño Prime Minister, Finance, Ec Mike Espat Christopher Coye 2 Cordel Hyde Deputy Prime Minister, Natur Ramiro Ramirez 3 Abelardo Mai Agriculture, Food Security, 4 Rodwell Ferguson Public Utilities & Logi

What is the role of the government in Belize?

The Executive is headed by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. One of the major parliamentary functions is making new laws or amending old laws for peace, order and good governance of Belize.

What is the National Assembly of Belize?

The National Assembly, which is the Legislature of Belize, consists of three bodies: the Governor-General, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

How to contact Attorney General’s Ministry of Belize?

Attorney General’s Ministry Magali Marin Young Tel: + (501)-822-2154 Fax: + (501)-822-3390 E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.belizelaw.org