Who died 16 and Pregnant 2020?

Who died 16 and Pregnant 2020?

Jordan Cashmyer
Jordan Cashmyer, once a star of MTV’s reality series 16 and Pregnant, has died. She was 26. Cashmyer’s mother, Jessica, announced the death of her daughter on the Facebook account of her late husband, Dennis M.

What year was Season 2 of 16 and Pregnant?

The second season of 16 and Pregnant began airing on MTV on February 16, 2010 and concluded on December 21, 2010….Season 2 (16 and Pregnant)

Originally Aired: February 16, 2010 – December 21, 2010
Premiere: “Jenelle”
Finale: “Ashley”

Are Angela and Tori still together?

Tor’i and Angela are no longer together.

What happened to the’16 and pregnant’stars?

Take a look at what happened to the ’16 and Pregnant’ stars: Add a comment… Instagram Kayla appeared on season 2 of ’16 and pregnant’ after she got knocked up by her high school boyfriend J.R. who proposed to her on the show. She was very upset at the fact that her season of ’16 and pregnant did not get a spinoff.

What happened to Kayla Jackson from 16 and pregnant?

We met Kayla Jackson in 16 and Pregnant’s third season. She became a young mom to a son, and while her relationship with the baby’s father didn’t pan out, the two managed to stay friends. These days, Kayla has a second son and is enjoying the life of a total Boy Mom to her busy sons.

What happened to Jennifer and Josh from 16 and pregnant?

Next up, we have Jennifer and Josh from 16 and Pregnant. You may remember this couple for a few different reasons—Jennifer Del Rio became pregnant with twins when she was just 16 years old, and her boyfriend, Josh Smith caused problems with her parents.

What is Teen Mom 16&Pregnant?

MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and later Teen Mom introduced us to so many young women and men taking on the massive undertaking of becoming teen moms and dads.