Who died on January 7?

Who died on January 7?

Famous People Who Died on January 7

  • Catherine of Aragon (1536) First wife of Henry VIII.
  • Hirohito (1989) Emperor of Japan, 1926-1989.
  • Hoover, Lou Henry (1944) United States president Herbert Hoover’s wife.
  • Kennedy, Rosemary (2005) The Kennedy sister who had a lobotomy.
  • Tesla, Nikola (1943)

What happened on the 7th of January?

1610: Galileo discovers the first three moons of Jupiter: Io, Europa and Ganymede. 1618: Francis Bacon becomes Lord Chancellor of England. 1714: The typewriter is patented by Henry Mill. 1785: The first successful balloon flight across the English Channel by Jean Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries.

Who died in 1995 march?

Ferdinand Lundberg, 89, American journalist. Herb Meadow, 83, American television producer and writer, heart attack. Emil Petru, 55, Romanian football player. Hugh Auchincloss Steers, 32, American painter, AIDS-related complications.

Who died January 7th 2021?

2021: Michael Apted, prolific British director known for “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and the “Up” documentary series, dies at 79.

Who has birthday on January 7th?

Today’s famous birthdays list for January 7, 2022 includes celebrities Jeremy Renner, Nicolas Cage

  • TV host Katie Couric turns 65.
  • Actor Nicolas Cage turns 58.
  • Actor Jeremy Renner turns 51.
  • Country singer John Rich turns 48.
  • Actress Lauren Cohan turns 40.
  • Actress Lyndsy Fonseca turns 35.

Who are some famous people that died in 1995?

Famous People Who Died in 1995 1 Jan 1 Eugene Wigner, Hungarian-American physicist (Nobel prize for physics-1963), dies at 92 2 Jan 1 Frederick “Fred” West, British contractor & serial killer (12 charges of murder), commits suicide in his prison… More

Who are some famous people that died in 2001?

Jan 25 William Sylvester, American actor (2001: A Space Odyssey, Gemini Man), dies at 72 Jan 26 Bernardo Leighton, Chilian politician (1964-70), dies Jan 26 Geoffrey Penwill Parsons, piano accompnaist, dies at 65

Who are some famous people that died of liver cancer?

Feb 1 Michael Cesar, American man & self-proclaimed ‘Pope of Pot’, dies of liver cancer at 52 Feb 2 Alexis d’Anjou de Bourbon-Condé, French prince/Russian, dies at 47 Feb 2 David Kindersley, British stone letter-carver and typeface designer, dies at 79

Who are some famous musicians that died from lymphoma?

Feb 18 Dennis “Denny” Cordell, British rock music and record producer (The Moody Blues, Leon Russell), dies of lymphoma at 51 Feb 18 John Rhea “Yank” Lawson, American jazz trumpeter (Dogtown Blues, Stormy Weather), dies of a heart attack at 84