Who got Golden Disc Awards 2021?

Who got Golden Disc Awards 2021?

The big winners of the night included two-time Grammy-nominated group BTS. The group won the Album of the Year Daesang (Grand Prize) for their album, ‘BE’, along with a Bonsang (Main Award) in the Digital Song category as well as the Album category.

How many awards has GOT7 won in total?

This is a list of awards and nominations received by Got7, a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment, since their debut in 2014. The group has received a total of 56 awards out of 175 nominations.

Why is winter not at the Golden Disk awards?

aespa’s Winter was not present at the live show due to health issues but she was present for aespa’s pre-recorded performance. BTS is on their extended period of rest and their performance took the form of exclusive footage from their Los Angeles concert for the first time on TV.

How many Daesangs does GOT7 have in total?

At the awards ceremony, GOT7 was announced to have won two awards, “Performance of the Year” (Daesang), “Best K-Culture (Singer)”. And with their win of the “Performance of the Year” award, it marked GOT7’s first Daesang ever since their debut in 2014!

Who has most Daesangs in Kpop?

Grand Prize (Daesang) BTS has won 23 awards in total, including four Grand Prizes. Girls’ Generation has accumulated 12 awards, including two Grand Prizes (not including members’ or sub-unit’s solo awards).

How many awards has BTS won in total?

List of awards and nominations received by BTS

BTS at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards
showAwards and nominations
Wins 442
Nominations 636

For what song did GOT7 win their first win?

I GOT7 worldwide are celebrating the achievement of GOT7’s first music program win. After their performance on SBS Asia’s “The Show,” the seven-member boy band ranked first with over 8,000 votes.

What was GOT7 first win?

If You Do
GOT7 took home the trophy on this week’s “The Show,” marking their precious first-ever music show win!