Who is a hero in my life?

Who is a hero in my life?

A hero is someone who helps people, saves people lives, and risks their lives for someone else’s life. A hero can also be someone brave, cares for someone, loves someone. My hero is my parents, because they would do anything to help me, or risk their lives for me or one of my other sisters. So my hero is my parents.

Why is my dad so mean to me?

Many kids think their parents behave badly because of something they did wrong. If this sounds like you, stop blaming yourself. No matter what your dad or anyone else says, you’re not responsible for his behavior. His behavior may be the result of how he was raised, his own trauma, a mental illness, or other factors.

Why is my dad always angry at me?

He could be just stressed at work , having relationship issues or finding life difficult right now. Try talking to him and ask or just be there for him. If is angry at you and making you feel bad, I would tell another adult and seek advice. No one should be made to feel like that.

How do I stop being angry at my dad?

Take a breath, take your time, and as angry as you feel, and as much as you might be inclined to vent, try to act only based on thought, not feeling. It should go without saying that when you do act to discipline your child, physical violence is a total no-no: Angry Dad is a bad look, but Violent Dad is a nightmare.