Who is Blue Beetle talking to?

Who is Blue Beetle talking to?

Blue Beetle, still star-struck, engaged in a conversation with Zatanna. He congratulated her on her induction in the League, and learned that she too had been on the Team.

What did Miss Martian do to aqualad?

Posing as Deathstroke at the summit between the Light and the Reach, Miss Martian “shot” Artemis and Aqualad after it was revealed that they were double agents.

Is Blue Beetle Evil Young Justice?

The Future Blue Beetle is a villainous agent from the Young Justice series. He was voiced by Eric Lopez.

How did Jaime Reyes became Blue Beetle?

After seeking out new hero Booster Gold in the hopes that he could help remove the scarab from his spine, the scarab transforms Jaime into the Blue Beetle, and Jaime is unable to stop the armor from making him attack Booster.

Is Blue Beetle magic?

The Scarab – Khaji Da The Blue Beetle scarab, previously shown as an artifact of magic, is later retconned as a tool of war of the Reach, an ancient race of cosmic marauders.

Is M Gann a White Martian in Supergirl?

M’gann M’orzz, is a White Martian from the planet Mars. M’gann returned to Earth after Malefic J’onzz helped to successfully restore peace on Mars to help Supergirl and her team fight Leviathan and Lex Luthor.

Is there a red Beetle DC?

One of the Justice Society of America’s most unusual members is Red Beetle, a short-lived superhero inspired by the second Blue Beetle. Ever since being acquired from Charlton Comics, one of the DC Universe’s most beloved, underdog superheroes has been Blue Beetle.

Where does Blue Beetle get his powers?

Introduced in 1939, the original Blue Beetle, Dan Garret, was a Fox Comics police officer who fought crime with superpowers gained by ingesting Vitamin 2X. A revamped version of this character, archaeologist Dan Garrett, introduced in 1964 by Charlton Comics drew mystical abilities from an ancient Egyptian scarab.

Can Blue Beetle beat Cyborg?

The current Cyborg is crazy powerful, having absorbed some random McGuffin that has made him much stronger. That Cyborg would absolutely destroy Blue Beetle. If it’s Cyborg before the McGuffin absorbing, Blue Beetle wins all the way.