Who is Calpurnia and what is she like in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Who is Calpurnia and what is she like in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Calpurnia is the Finch’s black housekeeper and nanny who has been with them since Jem was born. She cooks, cleans, sews, irons and does all the other household chores, but she also disciplines the children. Atticus holds her in very high esteem and insists that the children respect her completely.

What was the impact of To Kill a Mockingbird?

The book was assigned widely in American schools and quickly became a literary and popular favorite — worldwide sales topped 40 million. Lee won the Pulitzer Prize for her work. The book was also quickly turned into an Academy Award-winning movie starring Gregory Peck.

Is Atticus tall?

In the novel, Atticus is described as tall (he is a foot taller than his brother, Jack) and wearing glasses, being nearly blind in his left eye. In Chapter 10, Scout calls him “feeble” and “nearly fifty”; he is older than most of Scout’s classmates’ fathers, and Atticus was 15 years older than his late wife.

Why is To Kill a Mockingbird a literary masterpiece?

To Kill a Mockingbird is a masterpiece on every level: its powerful plot and perfect form, its unique voice. It is sometimes mistakenly thought of as being simple (Flannery O’Connor bitterly sniped that it was a “book for children”.) It is a book about honour in a world of violence.

What does To Kill a Mockingbird tell us about society?

To Kill a Mockingbird taught us about bravery, injustice, inequality, poverty, racism, corruption, hatred, oppression, how we should judge people by their character and nothing else, how the people we are scared of are often not very frightening at all and how those we view as superior or in charge are sometimes the …

What do we learn from To Kill a Mockingbird?

Atticus explains to the children that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird because it’s a living creature that does no harm. A mockingbird only creates beauty. We should protect things of innocence and beauty. Tom could be innocent and that is why Atticus is trying to protect him.

How did To Kill a Mockingbird influence the civil rights movement?

About To Kill a Mockingbird When Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, her home state of Alabama was a hotbed of civil rights activity. Her momentous decision sparked a yearlong bus boycott, giving new life to the civil rights movement and propelling Martin Luther King, Jr. to national prominence.