Who is Fakir?

Who is Fakir?

Fakir is a character from the anime/manga princess tutu. In the beginning, he is portrayed as simply Mytho’s friend/guardian and attends the same school as Mytho and Duck. why does this need a caption?? it’s fakir NUFF SAID! Fakir is Mytho’s roommate and closest friend.

What is the relationship between Fakir and the Prince?

Fakir would often scold the prince for his reckless rescues of any and every creature in need, and became his protector and consultant, determined that, after the death of his parents, he would let no one else he cared for die.

Why did Fakir hate Princess Tutu?

Ahiru / Princess Tutu: At first, Ahiru and her feelings for Mytho were unwanted and annoying in Fakir’s eyes, and he intentionally interrupted their conversations out of jealousy. Princess Tutu was deemed an enemy.

Does Fakir have a gentler side?

In Crow Princess, Fakir ended up having to tend to Mytho more than usual due to his constant fears. Fakir truly does care deeply for Mytho and he’s willing to do everything in his power to protect him. Deep down, Fakir does have a gentler side which he began to show to Ahiru once she learns of his inner pain.


FAKIR started its journey in 1988 – as Knit garment manufacturers – under the leadership of its experienced entrepreneurs, aiming to become the trendsetter it is today. FAKIR was aware of the fact that short lead-time played a vital role in the modern apparel-industry. So, it located itself in Narayanganj & attire-manufacturing hub of Bangladesh.

What is the size of Fakir group?

At this stage fakir group focused to be one of the best & largest conglomerate especially in garment sector in the country, employed around 12000 people to its member companies. Fakir Group is best described by 3 (three) words – Sincerity, Honesty & Quality.

Why Fakir Garments Limited?

Today, after over a decade of progression, FAKIR Garments Limited is the pioneer of the garment-industry of Bangladesh and the prime choice of many foreign retailers. It has grown from fabric-manufacturer to composite-knitwear manufacturer, with a massive capacity of over a million pieces of garment per month. The sky holds the limits for FAKIR.

What are the products of Fakir?

Over the years, FAKIR has manufactured a wide variety of basic products, such as: Polo-Shirt (Basic/Fancy), T-Shirt (Basic / Fancy), Sweat-shirt & Sweat-Pant, ladies & kids-wear, etc. Currently, FAKIR has evolved to the level of manufacturing specialized knitwear-products, by keeping the track of the latest market-trends.