Who is Joey Branning?

Who is Joey Branning?

David Witts
Joey Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by David Witts. Introduced on 22 June 2012 by producer Bryan Kirkwood, Joey is the estranged son of established character Derek Branning (Jamie Foreman) and the brother of Alice Branning (Jasmyn Banks).

When did Joey Branning leave EastEnders?

Joey Branning

Fact title Fact data
First appearance: 22 June 2012
Last appearance: 26th December 2013
Occupation: R&R barman

Is Joey Branning coming back to EastEnders?

“’EastEnders’ is an iconic show and it’s hugely successful. You absolutely can never kind of pooh-pooh that idea of going back to something so successful.” However, David admitted it is unlikely he would be asked back because his character no longer has any ties to Albert Square.

Who is Baby Abby’s dad on EastEnders?

Max Branning
Abi Branning is the daughter of Abi Branning and Steven Beale. She is the legal daughter of her grandfather, Max Branning and her great-aunt, Rainie Highway as both of her parents are deceased.

Who is Adam from Manhunt?

Manhunt (TV Series 2019– ) – David Witts as DC Adam Spier – IMDb.

What age is Jac Jossa?

29 years (October 29, 1992)Jacqueline Jossa / Age

Who is Jacqueline Jossa husband?

Dan OsborneJacqueline Jossa / Husband (m. 2017)

What happened to Alice Branning in EastEnders?

Taking her under his wing, Alice became caught up in Michael and Janine’s messy relationship, and soon found herself in prison following his death. Taking her lawyer’s advice, Alice decided to plead guilty, but was later found innocent. Played by Jasmyn Banks.

What is Bianca’s daughters name in EastEnders?

Tiffany is the daughter of established characters Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer) and Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen), though originally she was believed to be Bianca’s daughter with a man named Nathan Dean.

How is Pat Butcher related to Steven Beale?

When Steven’s grandmother Pat Butcher (Pam St. Clement) tells him that Ian always considers Steven his first born, blood related or not, Steven starts to regret what he has done.

Will there be a season 2 of Manhunt on Netflix?

The second season of Manhunt will be released. Deadly Games, debuted on February 3, 2020.