Who is owner of Metro Shoes?

Who is owner of Metro Shoes?

Farah Malik Bhanji
Metro Brands, previously known as Metro Shoes, is multi-brand footwear retail chain in India….Metro Shoes.

Type Public
Founder Malik Tejani
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Area served India
Key people Rafique Malik Tejani (Chairman) Farah Malik Bhanji (MD)

Where is Metro brand from?

Metro AG

Type Aktiengesellschaft
Industry Wholesale
Founded 1964 as Metro-SB-Großmarkt GmbH & Co. KG 1996 as Metro AG 2017 as Metro AG (new company)
Headquarters Düsseldorf , Germany

Who is Bata owner?

Bata Corporation

Type Private
Key people Graham Allan (Chairman) Sandeep Kataria (CEO)
Products Footwear and accessories
Owner Bata family
Website bata.com

Who owns mochi shoes?

Ayah Tabari, An Eye For The Extraordinary Mochi’s Founder and Designer, Ayah Tabari is originally from Palestine, however she was raised between Amman and Riyadh before studying in London and eventually settling in Dubai.

Is Mochi Indian brand?

Mochi is a leading Indian footwear brand. It stocks a huge collection of men and women shoes styled by different brands. Since its inception in Bangalore in 2002, Mochi today has various stores in number of cities across India and introduces an average of 100 new styles every week across the country.

Is Bata owned by Israel?

We can trace business operations of the Bata Company on the territory of today´s Israel to 1927, when a company store was opened. The establishment of a sister company followed in 1931. A year later, there was a significant network of own shops, still operating in 1939.

Who is the owner of Liberty shoes?

Liberty GroupLiberty Shoes / Parent organization