Who is Sensiva?

Who is Sensiva?

Sensiva was founded on medical technology. Our suite of software solutions range from LIS systems to provider and patient portals, patient-facing mobile apps, dynamic sample sorting and logistics technology solutions, algorithmic decision-making engines, patent pending risk stratification systems, and beyond.

How can Sensiva help Caribbean healthcare providers?

Sensiva can provide Caribbean healthcare providers with risk exposure information and guidance immediately after results are received via an online report, or by phone through Sensiva’s proprietary mobile application.

Is Sensiva health FDA approved?

Sensiva Health is proud to announce our 100% Specificity and 100% Sensitivity (Perfect Score) EUA Approval (#200187) and FDA Authorization! Get to know us in this short, 2-minute video. Trust.

Why trust Trust Sensiva?

Trust. From advanced molecular infectious disease diagnostics to high-throughput and high-velocity RT-PCR testing, Sensiva provides the science, technology, and infrastructure to power large-scale health initiatives for our clients and partners around the world. Advanced Scientific Testing & Technology For a Healthier World.