Who is the best character in Romeo and Juliet and why?

Who is the best character in Romeo and Juliet and why?

Aside from Romeo, Juliet Capulet is the most significant character of the romantic tragedy. Initially portrayed as a naïve, impressionable young girl, Juliet undergoes considerable evolution during the course of the play. In many ways, the depth of her love for Romeo, contributes to her newfound maturity and insight.

Who is guilty for Romeo and Juliet death?

The first character who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is Romeo himself. The first reason Romeo is to blame is that he went uninvited to the Capulet party. If Romeo did not go to the party, Romeo would have never met Juliet, and Tybalt would never have known he was there.

Why does Juliet feel betrayed by her nurse?

Juliet is angry and she feels betrayed by Nurse. Juliet is angry because not only did Nurse talk badly about Romeo, she thinks that Juliet should break her vows. Nurse is the only one who knows about Romeo and about how deep Juliet’s love for Romeo is. She feels Nurse has betrayed her.

How does Juliet betray her family?

Juliet betrays her father by disobeying his orders to marry the county Paris, her betrayal is portrayed in the lines “Proud can I never be of what I hate” this tells the audience that Juliet is not grateful of what the ‘man of the house’ has given her. Another example of betrayal in the play is by Ms Capulet to Juliet.

What did Romeo do wrong?

So Romeo, in an attempt to get laid, ruins Juliet’s prospects of marrying Paris, kills her cousin, gets banished, and drives a 13-year-old girl to suicide. Romeo’s the bad guy here. Juliet kills herself because her love, Romeo, is dead.

Why is Romeo the worst character?

Romeo is, very definitely, the worst person in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” He breaks up with a girl and then immediately seduces the daughter of his father’s worst enemy, well aware of the possible consequences. He kills Tybalt and Paris and then kills himself. And Juliet dies only because Romeo dies.

How is Juliet strong?

Juliet: A Strong Female Character While appearing quiet and obedient, Juliet displays inner strength, intelligence, bravery, wit, and independence. It is, in fact, Juliet who asks Romeo to marry her.

Why Romeo and Juliet is bad?

According to these reviewers, the play is “a horror story for the parents of teenagers” and “all the characters act like idiots.” The plot is “boring,” “incredibly unrealistic,” and “not a love story,” Romeo is “a fickle crybaby” and Juliet is naive, too young, and “way too anxious to take her panties off.” Modern …

Who is the most loyal character in Romeo and Juliet?

This shows Mercutio taking Romeo’s place to fight Tybalt. He is taunting Tybalt suggesting he is slow to get his sword ready to fight. Is Romeo loyal? In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo’s words through his actions proved that he is the most loyal character in the play.

Who is the strongest character in Romeo and Juliet?

Even though she is only 13 years old Juliet could be considered the strongest character in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. At the beginning we meet a young girl who is both polite and obedient. She is the dutiful daughter of parents who barely know her.

How is Juliet loyal Romeo?

Juliet proves her loyalty to Romeo by not only going against her family’s wishes but also dismissing one of her closest allies after the Nurse offers her negative opinion of Romeo.

How did Friar Laurence kill Romeo and Juliet?

The things most responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death are Friar Lawrence, themselves, and the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. Friar Lawrence causes the deaths of Romeo and Juliet by marrying them too quickly, advancing with his plan too quickly, and running away instead of helping Juliet.

What is Romeo’s worst trait?

Romeo’s negative qualities are his impetuous nature, over-dramatic personality, and flighty character. Juliet’s positive qualities are her loyalty, independence, and respectful nature. Juliet’s negative qualities are her capacity for dissembling, defiance, and stubbornness.

Why is Lady Capulet important in Romeo and Juliet?

Married to Lord Capulet and supposedly much younger than he, Lady Capulet is Juliet’s mother, though spends much less time with her than the Nurse. She represents the life of the wealthy woman. informs Juliet of her marriage to Paris (III. …

Is Juliet immature?

Having not quite reached her fourteenth birthday, Juliet is of an age that stands on the border between immaturity and maturity. At the play’s beginning however she seems merely an obedient, sheltered, naïve child. Though many girls her age—including her mother—get married, Juliet has not given the subject any thought.

Who betrays Juliet?

The first to betray juliet is her parents, Capulet and Lady Capulet. Capulet decides to marry Juliet to paris. when Juliet refuses to do so Capulet threatens to disown her. Capulet will only forgive her if she with consent to her fathers decison.

Why is Lady Capulet responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

Lord Capulet is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths because his insistence that Juliet marry Paris is what pushes her to take the sleeping potion. She wants to trick her family into thinking she’s dead and run away with Romeo, but Romeo believes she is actually dead and kills himself.