Who is the DM of Gondia?

Who is the DM of Gondia?

Collector Office

Name Designation Phone
Mrs. Nayana A. Gunde, IAS District Collector & Magistrate 07182-236149
Shri Rajesh Khawale Additional Collector 07182-236146
Shri Jayram Deshpande Resident Deputy Collector 07182-236147
Shri Shubhash Chaudhari Deputy District Election Officer 07182-236148

What is gondia famous for?

Gondia is also known as Rice City due to the abundance of rice mills in the area. Gondia is very close to the state of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and is considered the gateway to Maharashtra from central and eastern India. Gondia municipal council was established in 1920.

Who is the collector of Gondia district 2021?

Mrs. Nayana A. Gunde, IAS | District Gondia | India.

How many rivers are in Gondia?

41 Rivers and Lakes Near Gondia.

What is the population of Gondia?

According to 2011 Census, the demographic features observed in Gondia District are as follows:

Particular Nos.
Total Male population 6,62,656
Total Female Population 6,59,964
Sex Ratio 999
Urban Population 2,25,700

Why is gondia called Rice City?

Gondia city is popularly known as RICE CITY due to large number of rice mills. The district area is divided into six legislative assembly constituencies namely Gondia, Tiroda, Goregaon, Amgaon, Lakhandur and Sakoli.

How many villages are in the Gondia district?

Gondia is a Town and Taluka in Gondia district of Maharashtra state in India. Total number of villages in this Taluka is 139.

Who is the MLA of Gondia?

He represents the Gondiya Constituency. He joined Bharatiya Janata Party ahead of 2019 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election….

Gopaldas Shankarlal Agrawal
Born 27 July 1951 Gondia, Maharashtra, India
Political party Bharatiya Janata Party
Residence Gondia, Maharashtra, India
Occupation Politician

What is the state of Gondia?

MaharashtraGondia / State
Gondia district is situated on North-Eastern side of Maharashtra state having state borders of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. The total population of the District is 1322635.

How many villages are in Gondia?

How many Mlas are in the Gondia district?

Assembly segments

Constituency number Name MLA
62 Sakoli Nana Patole
63 Arjuni Morgaon Manohar Chandrikapure
64 Tirora Vijay Bharatlal Rahangdale
65 Gondia Vinod Agrawal