Who is the mayor of Bukidnon?

Who is the mayor of Bukidnon?

Valencia, Bukidnon

• Mayor Azucena P. Huervas
• Vice Mayor Policarpo P. Murillo IV
• Representative Rogelio Neil P. Roque
• City Council show Members

What is Maramag Bukidnon known for?

The National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant with a rated capacity of 255 megawatts is found in Maramag. The Power Plant contributed the Mindanao Grid. In terms of environment, the municipality plays a vital role in the protection of the Bukidnon Watershed.

What is the meaning of Maramag?

Cultural Background. Maramag comes from “Ag Ramag” a contracted Manobo term for “Ag Ramag Ki Dini”, which if freely translated, means “LET US EAT OUR BREAKFAST HERE.” The story goes that the Manobos were constantly in skirmish with the Maranaos for supremacy over the locality.

Who is the mayor of Maramag?


Category First Class Municipality Ranking
Region REGION X (Northern Mindanao) Province
Website www.maramagbukidnon.gov.ph E-mail
Address Municipal Hall, Anahawon, Maramag, Bukidnon Contact Nos.

What is the city of Bukidnon?

City of Malaybalay
Bukidnon is a province in the Philippines situated in the Northern Mindanao region occupying the northern-central section of Mindanao. Its capital is the City of Malaybalay. The province has a land area of 10,498.59 square kilometers or 4,053.53 square miles.

What is Maramag basin?

Maramag basin is a man-made lake, a result of the construction of a huge dam for the National Power Corporation Hydro-Electric Power Plant in Maramag.

What is the second ethnic group of Bukidnon?

Two out of five were Cebuano About 41.68 percent of the household population classified themselves as Cebuano. Other ethnic groups included Binisaya/Bisaya (16.37 percent), Binukid/Bukidnon (11.27 percent), Hiligaynon (8.83 percent), Boholano (7.37 percent), and Higaonon (2.79 percent).

What is the history of Bukidnon?

Bukidnon became a regular province on September 1, 1914 by virtue of the creation of the Department of Mindano and Sulu. Finally, on March 10, 1917, under Act 2711 the province was officially created and called the Province of Bukidnon.