Who is the voice of the frog in Epic?

Who is the voice of the frog in Epic?

The rapper, 32, plays street-smart frog Bufo in Epic, which explores a secret universe in which the natural world is battling evil forces. Pitbull talked recently about his film debut, his work with Lopez and the origins of his nicknames. Q: What do you make of the animation world, in which you got a chance to work?

Who voices the caterpillar in Epic?

frontman Steven Tyler
Aerosmith fans who wind up in the movie theaters this May to check out the new 3D flick ‘Epic’ are in for a little surprise. One of the film’s star characters, the old wise caterpillar of the forest named Nim Galuu, is voiced by none other than frontman Steven Tyler.

Who does the voice of the dad in Epic?

Jason Sudeikis
The most imaginative section of “Epic” starts with shots of the forest that rings the home of Professor Bomba (voiced by Jason Sudeikis), the inventor dad of the film’s heroine, Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried).

Who plays Ronin in Epic?

Colin Farrell
Epic (2013) – Colin Farrell as Ronin – IMDb.

What was Tara for Ronin?

Tara was childhood friends with Ronin until the unspecified age that she was chosen as the new queen of the forest. Since then, she has used her powers for the good of the forest and her people, regrowing plants over any place that Mandrake has rotted.

Who plays Queen Tara Epic?

BeyoncéQueen Tara / Voiced by
Beyonce voices Queen Tara, the Mother Nature-like queen of the forest, who sports a glowing green ensemble for most of the film. The project follows Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried), a young girl who lived in a cabin in the woods, and finds herself in the middle of a battle between the forces of good and evil.

Who are all the characters in the epic cast?

The Epic Cast. Mary Katherine. voiced by Amanda Seyfried and 6 others. Nod. voiced by Josh Hutcherson and 4 others. Ronin. voiced by Colin Farrell and 5 others. Mandrake. voiced by Christoph Waltz and 5 others.

Is epic a good family movie?

Epic is the perfect family movie for everyone in a summer filled with sequels, superheroes, and big-budget films. Epic is about a smart, spirited, and headstrong 17 year-old, teenager named Mary Katherine “M.K.” who, after the death of her mother, moves back to live with her estranged father, Professor Bomba, along with her pet dog, Ozzy.

Is epic the best film of the year?

With this film, this is a promising launch of the new Blue Sky Studios, which has declared war on DreamWorks, Disney Animation, and Pixar. You will be laughing, astonished, amazed, blown away, and inspired, because Epic truly stands out as one of the most surprising film experiences of the year, and could be one of the best films of the year.

Where is the epic spectacle in the story?

The epic spectacle is never at the expanse of the story, characters, and the heart of the story.