Who owns Texas newspapers?

Who owns Texas newspapers?

It is currently published by Galveston Newspapers Inc., and owned by the Carmage B. Walls family. The Wallses also operate the Houston, Texas-based media group, Southern Newspapers Inc. It is Southern Newspapers’ flagship publication and has a circulation of 33,000 in 2008.It has a weekday circulation of approx.

What is the biggest newspaper in Texas?

The Houston Chronicle
The Houston Chronicle is published by Hearst Corp. and is the largest daily in Texas. It was founded in 1901 and is considered to be Houston’s newspaper of record.

How many acres is Austin TX?

Pilie and Charles Schoolfield laid out the new town, working under the direction of Edwin Waller, who was appointed by Lamar to plan and construct Austin. Out of the 7,735 acres they chose a 640-acre site fronting on the Colorado River and nestled between Waller Creek on the east and Shoal Creek on the west.

How many newspapers are in Texas?

Texas Newspapers There are total 698 Newspapers available in Texas state. The biggest Newspaper according to circulation is HOUSTON CHRONICLE and serving city is HOUSTON.

Who owns Texas Observer?

The Observer is published bimonthly by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Texas Democracy Foundation.

What is the name of the Texas newspaper?

Houston Chronicle. Breaking News, Houston, Texas, US, World News, Analysis and Videos – Houston Chronicle.

What is the main newspaper in Dallas Texas?

Dallas Morning News Leading daily newspaper serving the Dallas–Fort Worth area.

What is the main newspaper in Houston Texas?

The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Houston, Texas, United States.

Why is the capital of Texas Austin?

In 1839, the Capital Commission selected the “site of the town of Waterloo, on the north bank of the Colorado” as the permanent capital. This was confirmed by the Texas Congress Jan. 19, 1839, and the place was renamed Austin in honor of Stephen F. Austin became the capital again in 1844.

WHO publishes The Texas Observer?

Texas Democracy FoundationThe Texas Observer / Publisher

Where is the Texas Observer based?

The Texas Observer

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Country United States
Based in Austin, Texas
Language English
Website www.texasobserver.org