Who Won Premier League 2007 08?

Who Won Premier League 2007 08?

Manchester United F.C.2007–08 Premier League / ChampionManchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football. Wikipedia

Who won EPL 2007?

Manchester United F.C.2006–07 FA Premier League / Champion
Manchester United ended the season as Premiership champions for the ninth time in fifteen years, after Chelsea failed to win against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on 6 May 2007. This left them seven points behind United, with two games to go, confirming the Manchester club as champions once more.

Who Won Premier League in 2008?

Manchester United
2008–09 Premier League

Season 2008–09
Champions Manchester United 11th Premier League title 18th English title
Relegated Newcastle United Middlesbrough West Bromwich Albion
Champions League Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal
Europa League Everton Aston Villa Fulham

Who won PL 2009?

2009–10 Premier League

Season 2009–10
Champions Chelsea 3rd Premier League title 4th English title
Relegated Burnley Hull City Portsmouth
Champions League Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
Europa League Manchester City Aston Villa Liverpool

Who won 2006 EPL?

Manchester United F.C.2006–07 FA Premier League / Champion

Who won the English Premier League in 2009?

What is the lowest points in the Premier League ever?

5) SUNDERLAND 2002-03, 19 POINTS.

  • 4) ASTON VILLA 2015-16, 17 POINTS.
  • 3) HUDDERSFIELD 2018-19, 16 POINTS.
  • 2) SUNDERLAND 2005-06, 15 POINTS.
  • 1) DERBY COUNTY 2007-08, 11 POINTS.
  • Who won EPL 2010?

    Chelsea won the league by a point over second placed Manchester United on 9 May 2010, with an 8–0 win at home to Wigan Athletic. They won despite Manchester United’s 4–0 win against Stoke. The title win came in Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti’s first season with the club.