Why do you want to become a physician assistant?

Why do you want to become a physician assistant?

I chose the PA profession because it allows me to work at the level of care I am comfortable providing, as well as being able to enter the work force after obtaining a master’s degree. I also wanted to be in a profession that allows flexibility and change throughout one’s career.

What are your goals as a physician assistant?

Physician assistants are expected to: work effectively with physicians and other health care professionals to provide patient-centered care. provide health care services and education aimed at disease prevention and health maintenance. use information technology to support patient care decisions and patient education.

How much does it cost to apply to PA school?

CASPA charges $179 for the first program you apply to and $55 for each additional program. Some programs may have an additional supplemental fee; contact your programs to learn if they require this and how to pay it.