Why does Barcelona hate Real Madrid?

Why does Barcelona hate Real Madrid?

The rivalry comes about as Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain, and they are sometimes identified with opposing political positions, with Real Madrid viewed as representing Spanish nationalism and Barcelona viewed as representing Catalan nationalism.

Is Real Madrid bigger than Barcelona?

Spanish Cups and trophies: Barcelona is bigger. It has 29 copa and 24 liga titles while Madrid has 33 liga and 19 copa. Financially: Madrid is bigger. Part can be explained by history.

What does Clasico mean?

Definition: El Clasico is the term used to refer to football matches between Spain’s most famous and bitterest rivals: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F. Barcelona and Read Madrid have won a combined 54 Spanish League Championships and are arguably the two richest clubs in the sport. …

Is Real Madrid conservative?

El Clásico is political, personal and it is what keeps Spain divided. Real Madrid has always been seen as a symbol of Spanish pride and nationalism. Most Madridistas in Spain are Castilians who share relatively conservative political and social views.

Why are Real Madrid called Merengues?

However, there is real meaning behind the name in a wider context: The fans of Real Madrid call their players Los Merengues. Merengue is a dance originating in South America and the Carribean Area. Finally, a merengue can be a milkshake-like drink.

Can you like Barcelona Real Madrid?

Absolutely Yes!! You can support both Real Madrid and Barcelona. You just need to be a football fan and not a fanatic of either of the teams. I love seeing Real Madrid, Barca, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Inter Milan and many other clubs play.

Is Barcelona right wing?

Outside Catalonia, FC Barcelona has also been seen as being Més que un club (Más que un club) for many forward-thinking Spaniards. It was the left-wing intellectuals that become Barça supporters in recognition of its role in defending democratic rights and freedom.

Is FC Barcelona communist?

Barcelona is the perfect example of what the Soviet Union had epitomized. It is the gold standard and the philosophical Mount Everest of collectivism/communism. Barcelona display all the trademarks of being a communist club, without quite reaching that state.

What is Real Madrid’s nickname?

La Casa Blanca (The White House)
Los Blancos (The Whites)Los Merengues (The Meringues)Los Vikingos (The Vikings)Madrid Football Club
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