Why does my game camera take so many pictures?

Why does my game camera take so many pictures?

Simply clearing any branches, weeds, grass, and other debris in the camera’s detection area that has the potential to be easily moved by the wind should be removed. Aiming or positioning your cameras where the field of view and detection area will receive less sunlight also helps the cause.

What is PIR sensitivity on a trail cam?

PIR Angle. “PIR” stands for passive infrared, and PIR Angle refers to the degree that the camera can sense movement. Cameras with a large PIR Angle can detect movement faster and have a better chance of capturing the subject in the center of the frame instead of the edges like some lower quality cameras do.

Why does my Spypoint keep taking pictures?

Most of the time, empty pictures can be caused by small animals moving quickly, such as birds or squirrels, tall grass and tree branches can also trigger the camera.

What triggers game camera?

motion sensor
The essential components that make a game camera work are its motion sensor, lens, infrared emitters, batteries, and SD card. The motion sensor portion of a game camera is what triggers the camera to capture movement.

How do you reset a game camera?

So what is the solution?

  1. Format the SD Card in your computer. This resets the camera.
  2. Check to make sure the batteries are in the camera properly.
  3. If they are, replace the batteries (or test them with a ZTS Battery Tester if you have one) with new batteries. See video below for the proper way to test your batteries.

How do you get pictures off a trail camera?

All you have to do is connect the trail camera with an SD card inside it to your computer or remove the SD card using the provided instruction and insert it on your computer to view your photos. The SD card is the most important component of your trail camera; without it, the camera would be working in vain.

What triggers a trail camera?

Browning Trail Cameras are triggered by two things: motion and a variance in temperature. The trail camera is able to do this by using a Passive Infrared (PIR) detector. The closer to the camera the subject is the tighter the detection zone. The further away from the camera the subject is the wider the detection zone.

Why is my game camera not taking pictures at night?

The most common problem for why a trail camera is not taking night pictures is using standard alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries use a water-based electrode to produce a chemical reaction to power the camera. When the temperatures drop, this chemical reaction slows down which reduces the voltage output.