Someone has rightly said that if things were found easily, then there would have no value and this thing applies to everything in life. In the same way, if we talk about education, then who does not want to get good quality education and good career growth but the conditions are not always favorable. It is not like that good education is not provided in India because many institutions in India are listed in the top 400 universities around the world. But every year in India, more than 4,000,000 students apply for graduation in different colleges and all these colleges are not able to perform up to that level whose demand at a global level but some of these colleges provide very world-class level education and that is why some children get a good education but many children remain untouched by this and there may be a problem in their career growth further in life. 

Due to this problem, this trend can be seen in the last several years that students of India are going out of India in large quantities to complete their studies, especially by going to Western Countries because the education system there is very good in the comparison of India. But as I said earlier, everything cannot be easily found and in this case, also it happens that if you want to study in western countries, then you will have to go through various stages and one of the main stages is IELTS exam, which is an English proficiency exam to test the ability of the student in using the English language based on four aspects such as Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Talking from the perspective of a student who wants to go out for his studies then IELTS is important as well as a difficult step in his way to go abroad. Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, among these four aspects, the most attention is paid to the writing section by colleges at the time of admissions as the writing section relates most to the academics in comparison to other sections. 

There are two sections of the IELTS exam, such as General and Academic, out of which the Academic exam is strongly recommended for the candidate who wants to go abroad for studies purpose. Under which the candidate is given 60 minutes in the writing section to complete two tasks, in task-2, the student is asked to write the essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem and for better understanding IELTS sample essays are available on their website and in task-1, the student has to elaborate the things based on given graph, table, chart or diagram.                      

IELTS Analysis:

        It is not that the rest of the parts are not important, but compared to all, the writing task is more conscientious in academics, as well as in the results of the last several years, it has been seen that most students are struggling more in the writing section and this proved to be an opportunity for many coaching institutes as they launched many programs and courses to fill this gap, in which students started taking admission so that they can qualify IELTS with required score and these institutes provide essential study material for all the four sections such as for the writing section, they provide IELTS sample essays, sample papers, E-lectures, etc for the practice purpose. These coaching institutes exist online more in comparison to offline modes.


        Apart from IELTS, there are some other proficiency tests such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and few others but the widely popular among all the exams is IELTS because of its dual specialization (General and Academic). If a student wants to prepare for the IELTS exam and for some reason he is not able to get admission to any coaching institute, then he/she can find, IELTS sample essays on an online basis with the help of technology which is available for free. 

           The scorecard received from the IELTS exam is not only useful in admission but also used as a mandate document for a person who wants to go out and work, IELTS also helps to get visa (work permit) approval in the country where the language used for communication is English.