Why is it called Streetcar Named Desire?

Why is it called Streetcar Named Desire?

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE WAS NAMED AFTER A REAL STREETCAR LINE. Named for its endpoint on Desire Street in the Ninth Ward, the Desire line ran down Canal Street onto Bourbon and beyond.

What happens to Stella at the end of Scene 8?

A sudden change comes over Stella, and she tells Stanley to take her to the hospital––she has gone into labor. Stanley instantly leaves with her, murmuring softly. In Stanley and Stella’s relationship, the physical is dominant: their fight abruptly ends when Stella goes into labor.

What does the blue piano symbolize in Streetcar?

The blue piano thus stands for depression, loneliness and her longing for love, which the adjective blue already suggests. It describes Blanche’s emotions and represents her need for companionship and love, but also her hope, as the scene with the paper-boy shows.

Why does Stanley hit Stella?

This happens right after Stella yells at Stanley in front of his friends and calls him a drunk. Stanley hitting Stella may be him trying to assert his control over her and reinforcing his role as the dominant male in the relationship.

What does Blanche DuBois symbolize?

Character Analysis Blanche DuBois. Blanche DuBois appears in the first scene dressed in white, the symbol of purity and innocence. She is seen as a moth-like creature. She is delicate, refined, and sensitive.

How does Mitch respond to Blanche’s secret about her past?

How does Mitch respond to Blanche’s secret about her past? He hugs her & is sorry for her.

Why is Blanche interested in Mitch?

Blanche explains that she is nervous because Mitch is coming for her at seven. She tells Stella that she has created an illusion with Mitch that she is all prim and proper. Stella asks if Blanche is interested in Mitch. She tells Stella that she wants to rest and that she does want Mitch.

What is the irony of the song Blanche sings in the bathtub?

What is the irony of the song Blanche sings in the bathtub? “It wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me,” everything she says is a lie. How does Stanley destroy Blanche’s plans for her future? Stanley tells Mitch what Blanche did, if he knows this he won’t want to marry her.

How does Blanche describe a woman’s charm?

How does Blanche describe a woman’s charm? A woman’s charm is 50% illusion.

What is the moral of A Streetcar Named Desire?

Various moral and ethical lessons arise in this play such as: Lying ultimately gets you nowhere, Abuse is never good, Treat people how you want to be treated, Stay true to yourself and Don’t judge a book by its cover. A very important moral lesson that I gained from A Streetcar Named Desire is to always tell the truth.

What is the name of the place Blanche is looking for?

Laurel was the fictional hometown of Streetcar’s Blanche DuBois and her sister, Stella, and the site of their family estate, Belle Reve. It was Blanche’s loss of Belle Reve after the war that sent her to steamy, bedraggled New Orleans to stay with Stella and her ape-husband Stanley Kowalski.

What are some of the lies that Blanche tells Mitch?

What are some of the lies that Blanche tells Mitch? She says that she’s not accustomed to having more than one drink, she says she came to help Stella, and she lies about her age. Stanley is jealous that Mitch is having a good time dancing with Stella. He is also drunk and yelled at them to turn the radio off.

What are the main themes in A Streetcar Named Desire?

A Streetcar Named Desire Themes

  • Sexual Desire. Many critics believe that Williams invented the idea of desire for the 20th century.
  • Fantasy and Delusion.
  • Interior and Exterior Appearance.
  • Masculinity and Physicality.
  • Femininity and Dependence.

WHAT IS A Streetcar Named Desire a metaphor for?

The Streetcar Symbol Analysis. Williams called the streetcar the “ideal metaphor for the human condition.” The play’s title refers not only to a real streetcar line in New Orleans but also symbolically to the power of desire as the driving force behind the characters’ actions.

What does the light symbolize in A Streetcar Named Desire?

Light is significant in A Streetcar Named Desire because it symbolizes truth and reality, which Blanche is unable to see and unwilling to accept.

What is Blanche DuBois tragic flaw?

Blanche’s tragic flaw is that she is dependant on men, so much so that she makes choices and does things that are morally questionable. She manipulates and lies to potential suitors to make herself seem more attractive and younger-which in her mind is the only way a man will love her.

What did Blanche say to her husband on the dance floor?

He tells her, “You need somebody. And I need somebody, too.” They kiss, even as she sobs. Blanche says, “Sometimes—there’s God—so quickly!”

What does Blanche give as her reason for coming to New Orleans?

What reason does Blanche give for her arrival in New Orleans? She is a teacher and was paid early leave before spring break because she was having a nervous breakdown.