Why is Parcel Monkey so cheap?

Why is Parcel Monkey so cheap?

Why are your prices so low? At Parcel Monkey we have longstanding relationships with a variety shipping companies meaning that due to the consistent high volumes of packages we help our customers ship, we have access to discounted shipping rates.

Can you trust Parcel Monkey?

They will take your money and then never deliver your stuff. This is a fraudulent organization and should be taken action against. Trash! They can charge you 0 more one week after delivery I used Parcel Monkey 3 times.

Can I collect a parcel from Royal Mail?

You can collect your item from your local Customer Service Point (CSP). Your card will give details of where this is and the opening hours. It will also tell you how long to wait before trying to collect.

Who does Parcel Monkey use?

When it comes to parcel delivery, DHL generally delivers the items during this time frame too. If you use Parcel Monkey Air Express, transit times are pretty close to DHL Express around 2-5 working days depending on destination.

Is Parcel Monkey part of FedEx?

Parcel Monkey’s International Drop Off service, operated by FedEx, provides a cost-effective alternative to shipping internationally through the Post Office. To find the cheapest way to ship overseas, simply enter the weight and dimensions of your package into our shipping calculator to compare prices and book online.

How do I contact Parcel Monkey by phone?

Parcel Monkey does not have a contact number as we do not carry any parcels – we are courier comparison service that allows you to compare the best delivery prices from some of the UK’s best courier services and book them online using our simple quote engine.

Can you collect a parcel for someone else?

To collect a parcel from a Post Office, you’ll need some proof of identity, as well as the tracking ID. It could be a full driving licence, passport or any of the list below. Just make sure it’s the original (not a copy) and for the person the parcel’s addressed to.

Where can parcel monkey ship my parcel?

With Parcel Monkey, you can book parcel collection services to ship parcels to over 250 destinations around the globe, so you can ship to Europe, the USA, Asia and even Australia from the comfort of your home or office. We’ll even help you complete any necessary customs documents during the booking process.

How do I book a parcel collection?

Book a parcel collection. If you’d like to arrange a courier to collect a parcel from your home or work address, you can do this easily with Parcel Monkey. Find discounted parcel collection and delivery services, compare prices and book a courier to collect your parcel either the same day, next day or on a day of your choice.

How do I arrange a courier to collect a parcel?

If you’d like to arrange a courier to collect a parcel from your home or work address, you can do this quickly and easily with Parcel Monkey. Get a quote through our free courier quote tool and book discounted parcel collection services with world-renowned carriers. It takes seconds to get a quote with Parcel Monkey and you don’t need to register.

How do I get a parcel collected from an international address?

If you need to have a parcel collected from an international address and shipped to the UK or another worldwide destination, visit our global platform: www.parcelmonkey.com Can I get a courier to pick up an eBay item?