Why is there so much ash in my pellet grill?

Why is there so much ash in my pellet grill?

Ash is essentially unburned fuel (i.e. pellets): the better the fuel burns, the less ash there will be. You may find excessive ash after a cook if your hopper has a lot of sawdust in it or if your pellets have absorbed moisture or are old, all of which prevent pellets from burning completely.

Why is smoke coming out of my Rec Tec hopper?

If you notice smoke coming from your hopper during Shutdown Mode, this is caused by what we call backburn. Backburn means that the pellets within the auger are heating to a smoke point. To resolve backburn, turn your grill to SMOKE. This will begin feeding the pellets within the auger into the firepot.

Is it normal to have Ash in Traeger?

Traeger Grills are designed to circulate smoke effectively without causing ash residue on your food, so finding ash on your food, though uncommon, is not impossible. Having this symptom typically boils down to an airflow/circulation issue.

Where does Ash go in a pellet smoker?

The fire pot has pellets and air pumped into it to feed and maintain a fire, the ash has nowhere to go except to blow out of the pot and into the bottom of the grill.

How often should you clean your rec TEC grill?

After 50 Hours of Cooking. You should give your grill a deep clean roughly every 50 hours of cooking. If you don’t cook on your pellet grill very often (you should fix that), you may only need to deep clean your grill once every several months.

Where does the ash go in a Traeger grill?

As you use your Traeger, small amounts of residual wood ash will build up inside the fire box. This ash should be cleaned out occasionally in order to keep the igniter rod clear. Simply remove the grill grate, the steel drip tray and the U-shaped steel heat shield and clean the ash out of the fire box.

Do pellet stoves make dust?

One of the challenges a pellet stove faces over a wood-burning stove is garnering excess dust from the remains of the pellets. The pellets themselves are hard little nuggets, but they are made of various wood particles that can break off and disintegrate, creating a fine dust.

Can Rec Tec get wet?

Absolutely no. The rec dec 8s not designed to get wet. Take it from someone running the rt680 for 6 years. Water will get into the auger chamber because it is not sealed between the hopper and main body.

How do you clean the ashes off a Traeger grill?

Remove extra ash from the Firepot. Periodically remove the Porcelain Grill Grate, Grease Drain Pan, and Heat Baffle to clean the ash in and around the Firepot. This step can be fast and easy by using a standard shop vac. Make sure all grill components are cold before vacuuming up the extra ash.

Do you like your Rec TEC?

Of course I’m sure you’ve heard of their awesome customer support that come with it. I love my Rec Tec. I have used it more than any smoker or grill I have ever owned. And I have owned 10+…… The only issue with my rec tec is that sometimes it takes a little while to get up to high temps. So I am thinking about a pellet grill.

Can you use any pellets with Rec TEC?

For using pellets, Rec Tec doesn’t recommend that use only Rec Tec pellets. You can use any brand’s pellets. Pit Boss competition blend found the most reliable pellets for most of the Rec Tec users. The Pit Boss competition blend works great, especially with Rec Tec.

Is a rec TEC Grill worth the money?

Now, mind you, if I had 3K+ to spend on a grill, there are a few higher end products (Memphis Elite, for example) with some very cool features, but for a thousand bucks, Rec Tec is hard to beat. Very well made, accurate and consistent temp control, and outstanding customer service.

Why is the temperature on my Rec TEC so high?

Cold weather, wind, rain, hot weather, direct sunlight can affect the temperature of your Rec Tec. If your Rec Tec is Overheated frequently, the Weather condition could also cause for happening this. If there is hot weather, humidity, or direct sunlight on your top of the grill, you’ll have the issue to keep the temperature low.