Why was there a hue and cry in the house?

Why was there a hue and cry in the house?

Answer: There was a hue and cry in the house because Kezia had torn her father’s beautifully written great speech to be delivered at the Port Authority. She had done this just to fill the cushion made for his father

Who was a figure to be feared and avoided by the little girl?

Answer: To the little girl her father was a figure to be feared . It was because he always looked at her rudely . He gave her sometimes warnings that if she did not behave like a good girl he would ask her mother to take her to doctor

How did the girl respond when the father kissed her?

Every day before going to the office, Kezia’s father would come to Kezia’s room and give her a pleasant kiss. She would respond with “Goodbye, Father”. Since she was afraid of him because her father was strict. Later she will feel relieved after her father’s departure

Who was a figure to be feared and avoided for Kezia?

Answer. Answer: Kezia’s father was a figure to be feared for Kezia. He used to talk harshly to Kezia

How did the little girl start understanding her father 100 words?

It was her Her father asked her to rub her feet against his legs to make them warm. She felt sorry for her father. He worked hard. the lie was so tired that he had no time to play with her She realized that it was her fault to tear up the sheets

Why did the little girl look for scraps?

She wanted to make a nice pin cushion for her father. She wanted to stuff the cushion with some scraps. While searching for scrap she found some pieces of papers strewn on the bed. She used them to stuff the pin cushion

Who did the girl fear and avoid and why?

Answer: Answer: Kezia avoided her father because according to her, her father was an emotionless person. He never spoke to Kezia lovingly and calmly

What were the feelings of the little girl towards him?

He was a strict disciplinarian with a harsh exterior. (c) What were the feelings of the little girl towards him? Answer: The little girl was afraid of him and tried to avoid him

Is the little match girl a true story?

Andersen claimed that this grim little tale of misery and death on New Year’s Eve was based on a true story of a little match seller whom he knew from his years as a destitute street person in early 19th century Copenhagen.

How does the little girl feel about her father?

Answer. The little girl kezia was extremely afraid of her father in the beginning, since she didn’t know him well

What did Kezia’s mom ask her?

Answer. Answer: A soft pin cushion to gift her father on his birthday. This is the thing that Kezia’s mother asked her to make

Why was the little girl afraid of her father?

Answer: Kezia used to be afraid of her father because her father talked to her harshly. One day her grandmother told her to make a pin-cushion to gift him on his birthday which was approaching.

What made the girl feel relieved?

Answer. Answer: The girl felt relieved as the train journey was very short but on other hand the narrator wanted to sit there for any length of time

What happened to the little match girl?

When the matches are gone the girl dies, and her grandmother carries her soul to Heaven. The next morning, passers-by find the girl frozen, and express pity. They do not know about the wonderful visions she had seen, or how happy she is with her grandmother in heaven.

What did Kezia regret?

Answer. Answer: kezia felt sorry as first she thought bad about her father. but when her father took her into his arms and made her feel good and showed affection towards her,she felt sorry for thinking her father as a bad guy