Can I cancel my GymFlex membership?

Can I cancel my GymFlex membership?

Your GymFlex Membership is a non-cancellable 12 month membership. In certain circumstances, and in line with your chosen GymFlex Gym’s own Terms and Conditions it may be possible to upgrade, suspend or terminate a membership.

Is GymFlex a taxable benefit?

If your employer is running GymFlex as a salary sacrifice scheme, you will be liable to pay income tax on the value of your membership. However, your Gym Membership is not currently subject to National Insurance Contributions. Please speak to your Payroll or Benefits department for more details.

How does GymFlex work?

How does the scheme work? GymFlex provides discounted annual gym memberships via Salary Deductions. GymFlex is the combination of many of the UK’s leading gym chains, leisure centres and health clubs who are committed to supplying us with corporate annual membership rates. GymFlex is a product provided by Incorpore.

How much discount do you get with GymFlex?

THE SAVINGS My Gym Discounts provides an average saving of 15% off the monthly membership fee, whereas GymFlex savings can be up to 40%.

Can I put gym membership through my business?

Contractors can pay for healthcare insurance, medical expenses and gym memberships directly via their contractor limited company. However, they will pay tax in exchange for most of these benefits, says James Abbott, head of tax at contractor accountant Abbott Moore LLP.

Does GymFlex pay sacrifice?

GymFlex is a salary sacrifice scheme, with the company paying for the annual gym membership and adjusting salaries accordingly. You may also run this as a net pay scheme if desired. The employee benefits from the discounted “paid up front annual corporate rate” plus any additional national insurance savings.

Is gym membership salary sacrifice?

The salary sacrifice scheme means that the cost of the gym membership, or other eligible perk, would be deducted directly from an employee’s salary through your payroll before tax and NI were deducted, and before the employer’s NI contributions were calculated.

How does Vivup work?

How Vivup Works. If your employer is registered with Vivup you can find all their health & wellbeing schemes and incentives in one place. This means that you can explore the range of support in your own time, identify what you need, and take the next step straightaway.

How long does Vivup take to deliver?

Once the order is approved by your employer, it will be processed with suppliers. If approved before 2pm Mon-Fri, your item will be ordered the same day, after 2pm will be ordered the next working day. From then, your items should be with you in a few working days.

Can I claim my mobile phone as a business expense?

HMRC allow the full costs of your mobile phone bills as a tax allowable expense, providing the mobile phone contract is held in the name of the limited company and the payments are made directly from the business bank account. This applies even if the phone is used for personal use as well as business use.

Can my LLC pay for my gym membership?

If you’re a sole proprietor or single member LLC, then you can deduct gym memberships in the “Expenses” section of Schedule C. If you’re in a partnership or multiple-member LLC, use Form 1065. For Corporations, a gym membership can be expensed as “Deductions” on Form 1120.