Can I shoot 308 in my SIG716?

Can I shoot 308 in my SIG716?

“The power of the AR-10 platform to the TREAD series”: with the 716i TREAD, SIG Sauer offers a lightweight rifle for long range shooting and hunting with premium features right out of the box. The new SIG Sauer 716i TREAD direct impingement rifle in . 308 WIN.

What is SIG 716 tread?

Take aim with the SIG SAUER 716 Tread 7.62 NATO Rifle. This semiautomatic action firearm boasts a 20-round magazine and is crafted with a hard coat anodized receiver and 16-inch carbon steel barrel.

How accurate is a sig 716i?

The accuracy of the SIG TREAD 716i was better than expected. We fielded four different types of ammo, all of them being on the heavy side. The 175-grain Federal came in at 0.930 inch, and the worst group was still not that bad with the hunting ammo at 1.1 inches.

What is a SIG716 DMR?

The 18-inch, match-grade barrel comes with 5/8×24 threading for suppressor use. Designated marksman rifles (DMRs) have been around for years. Traditionally, they were accurized versions of concurrent combat rifles.

Does Sig make a 308?

With its new aluminum-frame 716i TREAD, SIG defiantly steps into the . 308 AR market. The new rifle is essentially a lightweight, direct-impingement version of SIG’s popular 716 series. It also features a precision 16-inch barrel and free-floating M-LOK handguard.

What kind of gun is the SIG 716?

The self-loading SIG716 rifle is a series of semi-automatic rifles rooted in the AR-10 from SIG Sauer. The models are based on the tried-and-tested features of the SIG516 and present impressive firepower. Our colleagues tested the SIG716 Patrol in caliber .308 Winchester.

Is the SIG716 patrol worth the price?

The SIG716 Patrol made a good overall impression where workmanship, functionality, and features were concerned. At 3,000 euros, the price of the semi-automatic self-loading rifle is in the upper range of AR-10-based rifles. However, this is also the case for competing models with a piston system.

How does the SIG716 work?

Furthermore, the system offers positions for operation with a suppressor, a “normal” position, and also additional gas when the weapon is extremely dirty or when the ammunition is unusually weak. As is common in rifles based on the AR-10, the SIG716 operates using a rotating bolt which locks in the barrel extension.