Can you buy an extended warranty from Lexus?

Can you buy an extended warranty from Lexus?

Does Lexus offer an extended warranty? Yes, Lexus offers an extended warranty. There are three tiers of Lexus extended warranty coverage: Extra Care Platinum, Extra Care Gold and Extra Care Powertrain.

What voids Lexus extended warranty?

What voids a Lexus warranty? Similar to the factory warranty on a new Lexus, extended warranty coverage is voided if non-genuine parts are installed on the vehicle. It is also voided by damage from improper repairs.

Do used cars have extended warranty?

When you purchase a used vehicle, you may have the option to purchase a service contract, also known as an extended warranty. With a service contract, the dealer agrees to perform or pay for certain repairs or services on the car. You can buy the coverage for an extra cost.

Are extended warranties on used cars transferable?

Can extended car warranties be transferred? Generally, an extended car warranty can be transferred to a new owner. The ability for a contract to be transferred does depend on the provider, but the best companies include transferability as an additional perk because it makes a car more attractive for resale.

How long is a Lexus under warranty?

48 months
The Basic Warranty coverage is for 48 months or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Wheel alignment and balancing are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

How many miles can a Lexus IS350 last?

In terms of long-term reliability, the IS350 ranks near the top of its class. Outstanding build quality ensures that you won’t hear any annoying creaks or rattles. All of the major components are engineered to withstand the test of time. You can easily surpass 100,000 miles without needing to perform any major repairs.

Can I buy a Lexus extended warranty out of State?

Researched and found out that you can purchase your Lexus Extended Warranty Agreements out of state from any Lexus dealership and have the warranty applied to your car with no problem or issues. I saved big bucks on a Lexus Platinum Extended Warranty Agreement – 5yrs/100,000 with 0 deductible. This time for my 2012 RX 350 which I purchased in Oct.

Can you buy a Lexus vehicle service agreement at the dealership?

You can purchase a Lexus Vehicle Service Agreement from the dealer at any time. If you buy it with the purchase of your car, the Lexus dealer will gladly include it into your monthly payments, thereby charging you interest on the policy premium. How much does a Lexus extended warranty cost?

What is Lexus’ extra care platinum warranty?

Lexus Extra Care Platinum: Most similar to Lexus’ factory warranty, this provides extensive coverage for new vehicles. The plan covers most major parts and repair costs for any mechanical breakdown of your vehicle.

What does Lexus’ 12-month warranty cover?

12-month/unlimited-mile Service Parts Warranty: This covers defective, originally installed repair or replacement parts. While Lexus offers a lot of protection to new car buyers, some things are excluded from its plans. You don’t have coverage for: