Does discogs have an API?

Does discogs have an API?

The Discogs API v2. 0 is a RESTful interface to Discogs data. You can access JSON-formatted information about Database objects such as Artists, Releases, and Labels. Your application can also manage User Collections and Wantlists, create Marketplace Listings, and more.

What is discogs marketplace?

What is Discogs? Simply put, Discogs is three things: a discography of all the world’s music, a community for lovers of music, and a marketplace for the trading and transaction of music. Discogs has the most comprehensive online collection of audio recordings in the world.

How do you get songs on discogs?

Starting from Explore All under the Explore dropdown from the top navigation, you’ll see a complete overview of all the releases ever submitted to Discogs by the Community. The default view here is all items added, sorted by those most recently added.

How do I join discogs?

How to contribute to Discogs

  1. Find your new favorite musical recording. Record shops are full of them!
  2. Search Discogs for info. Looks like it is not in the database yet!
  3. Add your record to Discogs using the Submission Form.
  4. Nicely done!

Does discogs have an app?

You can find the Official Discogs app for Android in the Play Store. You can find the Official Discogs app for iOS in the App Store.

Is Discogs owned by Amazon?

The Discogs servers, currently hosted under the domain name, are owned by Zink Media, Inc. and located in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Is Discogs a good website?

Discogs is a fantastic database to use, especially if you are new to vinyl records. Discogs is a great source for discovering everything you’d ever want to learn about records you come across. Referencing records on Discogs is a good way to get familiar with the who, what, when, and where of vinyl records.

What is the biggest music database?

Discogs is the world’s foremost Database, Marketplace, and Community for music. The user-built Database boasts a catalog of more than 11 million releases and 5.4 million artists making it the most extensive physical music Database in the world.

Can you download music from Discogs?

We’re excited to announce the launch of Discogs Digital. We’ve partnered with Juno Download, integrating their incredible catalog of more than 1.5 million tracks, to create an easier way to find new and back catalog music downloads.

How do I add an artist to Discogs?

You cannot add an artist or label to Discogs directly. Artists and labels are added when you submit one of their releases. Your submissions will be voted on by other users. Please make sure your information is as accurate as possible, and follows the submission guidelines.