What does are galaxy contain?

What does are galaxy contain?

Galaxies are sprawling systems of dust, gas, dark matter, and anywhere from a million to a trillion stars that are held together by gravity. Nearly all large galaxies are thought to also contain supermassive black holes at their centers.

What is a typical galaxy?

A typical galaxy is a. collection of a few million to a trillion or more stars, bound together by gravity.

What galaxy is most like the Milky Way?

Description: NGC 6744 is a spiral galaxy believed to be similar to our Milky Way, however, NGC 6744 is almost twice the diameter of the Milky Way. It is about 30 million light years away in the southern constellation of Pavo (the Peacock), and is as bright as 60 billion suns.

What 4 things make up the Milky Way galaxy?

The Milky Way may contain ten billion white dwarfs, a billion neutron stars, and a hundred million stellar black holes. Filling the space between the stars is a disk of gas and dust called the interstellar medium.

What is universe galaxy and Milky Way?

The Milky Way galaxy is just one of billion of galaxies in the universe. The universe is a vast expanse of space that contains all of everything in existence. The universe contains all of the galaxies, stars, and planets. The exact size of the universe is unknown.

What does the Milky Way look like?

The Milky Way is a huge collection of stars, dust and gas. It’s called a spiral galaxy because if you could view it from the top or bottom, it would look like a spinning pinwheel. The Sun is located on one of the spiral arms, about 25,000 light-years away from the center of the galaxy.

How is a galaxy formed?

Galaxies are thought to begin as small clouds of stars and dust swirling through space. As other clouds get close, gravity sends these objects careening into one another and knits them into larger spinning packs.

How many stars does a typical galaxy contain?

100 million
About 100 million (or 10 to the eighth power) stars inhabit the average galaxy, according to one of the best estimates, Conselice wrote in an email to Live Science.

Which of the following is our Milky Way galaxy the most similar to in structure quizlet?

In structure, our Milky Way is most similar to: M-31, the Andromeda Galaxy.

What are three main components of a galaxy?

The three major components of the Milky Way are referred to as the disk, bulge, and the halo.

What are the three major parts of the Milky Way?

The three components are the disk (there is a thin and a thick disk), bulge and halo.

What galaxy does the Milky Way belong to?

Milky Way belongs to supercluster of galaxies named Laniakea. Astronomers using the National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Telescope (GBT) — among other telescopes — have determined that our own Milky Way galaxy is part of a newly identified ginormous supercluster of galaxies, which they have dubbed “Laniakea,” which means

Is the Milky Way a typical galaxy?

The starlit Milky Way, edgewise view into our own galaxy, via Manish Mamtani Photography. In countless studies, astronomers have used our home galaxy, the Milky Way, as the classic example of a normal or typical galaxy. But a new study suggests our Milky Way might not be typical.

Why is our galaxy called the ‘Milky Way’?

A popular festival in Japan is Tanabata,a star festival.

  • The Milky Way is thought to contain over 100 billion stars,and could contain up to 400 billion.
  • Along with orbiting around the Sun at 66,600 mph,the Earth is also rotating at its axis at about 1,070 miles per hour.
  • Does the Milky Way galaxy contain 100billion stars?

    There are different models for estimating the number of stars in the Milky Way and the answers they give differ depending on what is used as the average mass of a star. The most common answer seems to be that there are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way on the low-end and 400 billion on the high end. But I’ve seen even higher numbers thrown around.