How do I get to the bestiary in ff1?

How do I get to the bestiary in ff1?

The bestiary can be accessed via the main game select screen, or under Config from the in game menu.

How do I get to Deist in Final Fantasy 2?

The safest way to reach Deist without getting lost is to travel east until you reach a coast line, and then follow it south until it leads you to an island covered by mountains along the north. Nestled in those mountains is the castle of Deist. Park your ship and journey across the island to reach the castle.

Where can I find Warmech?

Located in the Flying Fortress on the bridge leading to Tiamat, it has a 3 in 64 chance of appearing each time the Warriors of Light enter a battle there, making it an extremely rare enemy.

How do I access the bestiary in Final Fantasy II?

The bestiary in Final Fantasy II can be accessed in the game’s config menu in the Origins version, in the game select menu in the Dawn of Souls and in the Extra option in the main menu of the 20th Anniversary and mobile editions. See also: Bestiary (term)

Is there an enemy Bestiary for Final Fantasy IV on SNES?

Welcome to my enemy bestiary for Final Fantasy IV on the SNES – specifically the version that got a release in the US, the EasyType version, known as Final Fantasy II in the west.

What are the parts of the bestiary?

The bestiary is divided into three main sections to keep things nice and clean: General Enemy Stats – Here more numerical stuff is discussed, like HP and its others stats. Battle Prizes – Here we discuss money drops, EXP. drops, item drops, and stealable items.

Are there any missable items in Final Fantasy 2?

Unlike Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster, which doesn’t have any missable items, Final Fantasy II does have a few missable chests and bestiary entries. This guide will let you know where to find these as you play through the game.