How long does it take to thatch a roof?

How long does it take to thatch a roof?

Thatched Roof Installations An average re-thatch will take 6-8 weeks; this will also vary with the amount of Thatchers working on one roof. The unpredictable winter weather also plays a large part in how long a full re-thatch will take.

How do you waterproof a thatched roof?

Thatch can be made more waterproof by using a water repellent coating – this adds a long lasting, anti mould, protective barrier from moisture absorption, reed mould, growth of moss and algae, rotting and discolouration.

How often do you have to re thatch a thatched roof?

Generally the ridge of the thatch will require replacing every 10 – 15 years. The coatwork will vary depending on the material used and its associated lifespan. To keep the roof in best condition: Allow it to dry well, remove trees and plants which may hinder the sun and wind drying it or rain dispersing.

How does a thatched roof not leak?

Thatch roofing materials are naturally waterproof so they won’t become waterlogged and seep into your interior, and they’re piled on top of each other so that it becomes impenetrable to rain and other elements.

Do thatched roofs require a lot of maintenance?

Good thatch does not require frequent maintenance. In England a ridge normally lasts 8–14 years, and re-ridging is required several times during the lifespan of a thatch. Experts no longer recommend covering thatch with wire netting, as this slows evaporation and reduces longevity.

How often should a thatched roof be replaced?

What are the problems with thatched roofs?

Leaking. Perhaps the most common and obvious problem with thatched roofing is the potential for leaks. These can come from all areas of the roof, including the ridge, valleys and corners.

How do you comb a thatched roof?

It is possible to brush a roof by hand or with pruning sheers. The method in this case is to pull out sections of the thatch, cutting or breaking off the rotten ends and then pushing or brushing the thatch back into place on the roof and compacting it.