Is CM Punk the Best Superstar ever?

Is CM Punk the Best Superstar ever?

CM Punk offered words of encouragement and stated that being released is the best thing that could happen to many WWE Superstars. “Um, hmm…. I mean, I don’t know, I’ve been out of the loop

What is CM Punk song called?

Shameless Google bait time. CM Punk’s new entrance theme song that he debuted tonight is “Cult of Personality,” the leadoff single from Living Colour’s seminal debut album “Vivid.” He had previously used the song as his entrance music in Ring of Honor during his farewell “Summer of Punk” heel run in 2005.

Is CM Punk a Christian?

CM Punk further said that guys like him, Christian, and (maybe) Daniel Bryan would lead by example, and their style would be collaborative as opposed to dictatorial.

Will CM Punk ever return to WWE?

Though there were some who hoped he’d return to the WWE, Punk recently made it clear that was never really an option. In an interview with the New York Post about his upcoming debut match at AEW’s…

Does CM Punk have a baby?

Way, way before CM Punk and AJ Lee even started their honeymoon in Hawaii, it was rumored that she was pregnant, but obviously that idea was false since even her WWE character is not crazy enough to wrestle while carrying a baby.

Does CM Punk have a wife?

Who is Cm Punk’s Wife AJ Lee? April Jeanette Mendez, aka AJ Lee, is an American author and former professional wrestler, best known for her time in the WWE. She was born on March 19, 1987, in Union City, New Jersey, to Janet Acevedo and Robert Mendez.

Does CM Punk have a dog?

CM Punk and his wife, AJ Mendez, adopted Larry from PAWS Chicago in 2015. This pup had aggression issues, a scruffy exterior and a tough underbite that required a special adopter willing to work through his challenges. He found a kindred spirit in CM Punk who appreciated his quirks, understood his personality, and knew how to provide the

Why did CM Punk quit the WWE?

CM Punk, the husband of AJ Lee and an A-list superstar himself, had left the WWE after making allegations of complete disregard of his health by WWE medical officials, and that too on multiple…

Is cmpunk attacked Undertaker?

The Undertaker attacks CM Punk in hopes of getting Paul Bearer’s urn back.