What award is a shop assistant under?

What award is a shop assistant under?

Examples of employees covered by the Retail Award include: check-out operators and sales assistants.

What is the casual retail award wage?


Classification Hourly pay rate Sunday – not shiftworkers
Retail employee level 1 $27.91 $39.08
Retail employee level 2 $28.58 $40.01
Retail employee level 3 $29.03 $40.64
Retail employee level 4 $29.59 $41.42

What is the casual pay rate in NSW?

The national minimum wage for adults not covered by an award or agreement will be $753.80 per full time week or $19.84 per hour. Casuals get another 25% on top of that, which works out to be $24.80 per hour. Remember, some Awards and Enterprise Agreements have a higher amount than the national minimum wage.

What is a retail employee level 1?

Level 1; This level is suitable for someone new to working in retail or with limited relevant experience. The level is also suitable for someone performing basic clerical duties, who is new to the role and has limited experience.

Do Casuals get paid more on weekends?

Overtime. Similar to full-time and part-time employees, when casual workers work on public holidays, weekends, overtime, or outside ordinary business hours, they are entitled to extra pay.

Do Casuals get paid more on public holidays?

Casual. Most awards state that casual employees are entitled to be paid at a penalty rate of pay for hours worked on a public holiday. There is no payment for public holidays that they do not work. Check your award or agreement for the conditions that apply to your business.

How are casuals paid under awards and agreements?

Under awards and agreements, casual employees are also paid a casual loading (a higher pay rate for being a casual employee), or a specific pay rate for being a casual employee. You can use our Pay and Conditions Tool to find the minimum award rates for casuals. You can find registered agreements on the Fair Work Commission website .

What is a casual employee under the Fair Work Act?

Specifically, under the Fair Work Act, a person is a casual employee if: they accept the offer knowing that there is no firm advance commitment and become an employee. There are only 4 factors that determine whether an employer’s offer doesn’t include a firm advance commitment. They are:

What does the general retail industry award cover?

4.3 This industry award also covers: (a) on-hire employees working in the general retail industry (with a classification defined in Schedule A —Classification Definitions) and the on-hire employers of those employees;and

When do casual employees have to leave work in Australia?

(i) Subject to the evidentiary and notice requirements in Clause 17.2 casual employees are entitled to not be available to attend work, or to leave work upon the death in Australia of a person prescribed in Clause 16.2.3.