What does a specimen processor do?

What does a specimen processor do?

The laboratory specimen processor is responsible for a variety of tasks, which include specimen receiving and sorting, lab support, and test data entry. This position requires a considerable amount of flexibility, attention to detail, and accuracy.

What does a phlebotomist processor do?

Average Specimen Processor with Phlebotomy Skills Hourly Pay Receive, process, unload, and unpack all specimens for testing in the appropriate laboratory departments. Determine if specimens meet laboratory standards, document any specimen quality issues, and ensure specimens are discarded properly.

What do you need for specimen processor?

Specimen Processor Requirements:

  • High school diploma, GED, or suitable equivalent.
  • Previous experience in clinical laboratory or related work environment preferred.
  • Proficient with MS Office Word and Excel.
  • Proficient typing and data entry skills.
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal.

What is lab processing skills?

Lab processors process biological specimens and information from a patient once the specimen arrives at a lab. Lab processors are also known as specimen processors, laboratory aides, phlebotomy technicians or clinical laboratory technicians.

What career would use a specimen to do its work?

A specimen processor is an entry-level medical position. You can enhance your career prospects by moving into a more specialized field. For example, histologists are laboratory professionals who prepare tissue samples for analysis.

What is a specimen sorter?

The Specimen Sorter is responsible for sorting various specimens as they enter the lab. They prepare laboratory specimens for designated locations prior to laboratory analysis and testing.

What is laboratory process?

Lab Processes documents the preparation and tracks the use of all incoming materials, components, and supplies. Lab Processes keeps track of all running and completed tasks and processes. This information can be used for user performance tracking and timekeeping.