What does the Shsat stand for?

What does the Shsat stand for?

Specialized High Schools Admissions Test

What is the Shsat exam and why does it matter?

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is the only criterion for admissions to 8 of the 9 New York City Specialized High Schools. The only exception is the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, which requires an audition or portfolio for admission.

What is the max score on the Shsat?

Each section is worth up to 400 points and the highest score you can get in SHSAT is 800, theoretically.

Why the Shsat is bad?

The SHSAT, according to de Blasio, is responsible for locking out talented black and Latino public-school students who are overwhelmingly more likely to attend elementary and middle schools that fail to meet state reading and math requirements, and who lack access to the costly test prep that many students who score …

Will Shsat be removed?

The SHSAT has not been changed or canceled. The only change is that by this summer, 20% of seats will be reserved for Discovery Program students from high-poverty middle schools, which is definitely a good move.

Is the Shsat biased?

Defenders of the SHSAT say it is an objective way to determine merit: If you do well enough on the test, you’re in. The exam is particularly appealing to Asian parents, who have said they worry that more subjective measures, such as interviews, would be biased against their children.

When was the Shsat created?


Is specialized high school test hard?

The SHSAT, a grueling one-day exam, is considered a golden ticket into one of New York City’s eight prestigious schools, if you score high enough. But the test is not perfect and has been the subject of public debate over its role in school segregation.

How hard is the Shsat test?

Although the new SHSAT exam has eliminated the infamous Scrambled Paragraphs, both the Mathematics and ELA sections are still quite challenging for grade-level students. In short, the SHSAT is hard enough and important enough that preparation can’t be left to chance.

How do I study for the Shsat?

Study MaterialsSHSAT Handbook Practice Tests. The SHSAT Handbook is an official document that can be accessed online or downloaded from the New York City Department of Education website. SHSAT Study Course. Read Test Directions. Practice Using Answer Forms. Simulate a SHSAT Exam. Join a Study Group. Book Study Time.

What is a passing score on the Shsat?

There is no passing score in SHSAT. Out of about 30,000 students who take the test, about 3,000 – 4,000 top-scoring students are offered admissions in specialized high schools. If a student gets 500 out of 800, will he/she get SHSAT admission?

What is the passing grade for the Shsat?


How do I pass the Shsat?

While you prepare for the SHSAT, refer to these 10 tips to ensure you do your best come test day.Wear a watch.Don’t leave any questions blank — there’s no guessing penalty.Don’t get stuck on one question. Read math questions carefully.Write out your math clearly.

Is calculator allowed in Shsat?

You are permitted to bring things like a highlighter or watch as well, as long as it doesn’t have a calculator function. What type of math is on the Shsat? The math portion of test consists of 50 word problems and computation questions that are in the form of multiple-choice questions.

How many questions is the Shsat 2020?

114 questions

How is Shsat score calculated?

SHSAT scoring: A raw score is earned based on the number of correctly answered questions. The raw score is converted into a scaled score for each section of the test. Then a composite score is compiled from both sections. The highest composite score is 800.

What score do you need to get into Stuyvesant?

To get into Stuyvesant High School, students are required to take the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) and gain a score above the cutoff score of 560 as eighth-graders or above the range of 590-600 as ninth graders.

What is on the Shsat test?

There are two main sections on the SHSAT. They are used to assess a test-taker’s English language arts and mathematical skills. English Language Arts: This part of the test contains 57 multiple-choice questions. Mathematics: This portion of the SHSAT also has 57 questions, and only 47 questions are scored.

Is the Shsat timed?

The SHSAT is a timed, pencil-and-paper test.