What is biblionasium?

What is biblionasium?

What is Biblionasium? Biblionasium is a reading-focused social network designed specifically for kids ages 6-13. With Biblionasium, students build their very own bookshelf – a safe space to keep track of what they’ve read and what they want to read.

Is biblionasium safe for kids?

Parents need to know that BiblioNasium is a social-networking website that lets young readers log and share their favorite books. It’s COPPA-compliant (COPPA is the Child Online Privacy Protection Act), which means your kid is going to be as safe as possible while she or he talks about books with other kids and teachers.

Is biblionasium free to join?

And remember Biblionasium is FREE to Join. biblio-buzz! Just so impressed with what @Biblionasium is doing and our students LOVE it. So do parents. 🙂 I spy 8 kids on Bibionasium. School doesn’t start for 30 minutes. I hear them discussing picture books.

Is there a biblionasium for first graders?

My first graders love it! Goodreads/Shelfari type site specifically for kids. @Biblionasium Also, FINALLY got on Biblionasium with my students and they LOVED it! I’ve hardly even seen them so excited. It was to cool!